Coaches: Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track; Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football; Stevens, tennis; Walt Wattenburger, assistant in varsity football and track.


practice games: Palo Alto 6-13, Commerce of San Francisco 2-14. Roosevelt of Fresno 0-20. Practice record 0-3. League: Hollister 0-12, Salinas 0-32, Monterey 0-0 and Watsonville 7-13. record in league 0-3-1. Season record 0-6-1

Starting lineup: ends, Bob Voris and Ted Foster; tackles, Tom Butler and Delbus Colclough; guards, Bob Steele and Don Falconer; center, Dick Voris. Backs John Davis, Ugo Armanini, Vic Ghidinelli and George Ponza.

Other members: Gross, Harvey, Scaroni, Curtis, Newhart , Mitchell, Morgan, Stocking , Edmund, Nicholoson, Paul Juhl, L Davis, Freeman, Gage Diedrickson, Spitoni, Gozzi, Angell, DeVanney, Booth, Fought, Rasmussen and Good.

In the last game of the year against Watsonville, the lone league touchdown of the year was scored by Angell who sneaked for a half yard to cross into pay dirt, after doing most of the running and line bucking to get it there. Another threat to score came when Johnny Davis passed to his brother Lou, who out ran everybody on the Cat team except the Cat safety, who made the tackle after a good 33 yard gain. Dick Voris again was the Cards’ mainstay, while Delbur Colclough played a bang up game at tackle.

Co-captain, center, senior and top man on the team Dick Voris rightfully was chosen on the ALL CCAL team.


practice games: Los Gatos 6-0 and 13-0. Practice record 2-0, League: Hollister 0-0, Salinas 13-0, Monterey 0-6 and Watsonville 7-0. second in league with a 2-1-1 record. season 4-1-1.

Starting lineup: ends, George Becknell and Art Kitahara; tackles, A. Demos and Cottera; guards, Coen and Yockey; center, Bob Puget; backs Bernie Boourriague, Ernie King, Dover and M. Demos.

Others members: Rossi, Stanley, Manildi, Dean, Brownfield, Parsons, Scotland, Haber, Meyers, Cunha, Foss, Okino, Campbell, Mario Esposito, Berg, B. Snyder, Otsuki, Bob McCullah and Adcock.

In their final game of the year the Cardlets were a little sloppy the first half. Spectators all agreed that after the half, they acted like a different team. Bernie Bourriague was in there with his usual fire and pep. Jimmy Dover and Mike Demos shared the running honors. Ernie King held the spotlight with his exceptional passing. Kitahara and Becknell did their share of snagging the little pigskin from the air. Bourriague finished off his last season, by carrrying home the bacon past the goal line. Coen, Yockey, Dixon and Art Demos are the unsung heroes for they are the boys who get their faces plowed in the muck, while the backfield men take credit and glory for their brilliant run of one or two yards. Dickson and Stanley ably filled in for injured players.


A new rule this year. In over time a shooting team has the choice of either taking the foul shot or taking the ball out of bounds. (The idea was to cut down on teams fouling poor foul shooters.)
Another new CCAL rule states, if there is no scoring after the first overtime period, the game ends in a tie. In the Monterey game this is what happened.
(The probable reason this rule was put in was to stop a team from holding the ball and not taking a shot until the last seconds. In that case if they did not score, they did not lose anything, because they would have another chance the next over time period and hold it again till the end of the period and keep doing it until they scored. There was no 35 second shot clock then.)

Double championships for SCHS. Both the heavyweights and lightweights came out on top.


Practice games: Chaminade 19-20, 23-19; Los Gatos 31-17; San Jose 29-14; Palo Alto 16-45. Practice record: 3-2. League: Monterey 19-14, 36-16; Watsonville 25-24 OT, 36-13; Pacific Grove 42-23, 44-14; King City 29-12, 20-13; Boulder Creek 37-22, 27-13; Salinas 29-25, 31-24. Salinas ended up second with only two loses against SC. Undefeated in league for the second straight year at 12-0. Season 15-2. League standings: Santa Cruz 12-0, Salinas 10-2, Watsonville 8-4, Gonzales 7-5, Pacific Grove 4-8, Monterey 3-9, King City 2-8, Boulder Creek 0-10.

This was like a repeat of last years dream team, both going undefeated in league with 12-0 records. The Cards usually piled up such a large score in the first half that the games were accentually over at that time. The only game in question was the first game against Watsonville a tie at regulation time. In overtime the Cards won 25-24. In the return game it was 36-13.

Returning starters from the basketball team of the DECADE were forward Bill Foote, who led the team in scoring this year with 125 points an average of 12 points a game and captain and center Brad Trine who scored 86 points. They knew how to win and inspire the rest of the team to another undefeated season.

The rest of the starting line were: guards, Don Griffin hustler all over the floor, John Jellison and Hugo Armanini. First off the bench subs: center, Talbert Newhart and forwards, Bob Voris and John Paul Juhl filled in for the inside positions. Others on the team: Long, Gomez, Dickson, Booth, Landless, Mitchell, J Davis and Coen.

Cards in Overtime Win From Watsonville. Trine–Foote Star in 25-24 Victory. Sinking a free throw with a little less than a minute left to play in overtime, captain Brad Trine scored the only points of the overtime period to beat the Cats. Earlier in the overtime, Watsonville had a free throw opportunity, but with the new rule available to them, they took the ball out of bounds instead, but did not score. The lead changed hands six times in regular play to end in a 24-24 tie. Bill Foote and Brad Trine were the offensive stars getting all their points on sucker shots (lay ups) inside the foul circle. On the other hand, Watsonville made most all their points outside the circle. Scoring: Foote 13, Trine 9, Armanini 2, Griffin 1, Juhl, Newhart and Voris 0.

Cards Wallop Cats 36-13. Playing their best type of basketball, the Cardinals ended their cage careers never being headed during their last game of the season. The varsity five waded through the Watsonville defense for all kinds of shots and a good many went through the net. The victory was a special surprise to the fans in that the previous tussle was a close affair. Brad Trine played his best game of the season, scoring 12 points and turning in a very neat defensive job. The game started off fast with the Cards taking a 11-3 lead at quarter time and increased it to 16-6 at half time. Everybody scored in this half. Third quarter, the lead was increased to 23-9. In the fourth quarter after making 11 points in rapid fire to leave the floor holding a 34-11 lead. The sophomores took over with three minutes to play and held their own, making two foul shots to one Watsonville basket. Don Griffin turned in his best game on defense and had fire on offense. Bob Voris and John Jellison also played good defense and set up offensive scores for Trine and Foote. Top scorer Bill Foote was closely guarded on his usual one handed push ins, but managed to score nine points.

Bill Foote has been consistent in scoring in double figures this year. In the big games against Salinas, he score 18 out of the team 29 points and 21 out of the 31 points in the last game. These were the only two defeats suffered by Salinas in league. .

Future basketball starters and stars who came over from the junior highs to be on the team and get in some action were Dick Fassio who was selected Northern California outstanding player of the year when he was a junior and Emmett Thompson a three sport man, (who played at Cal Poly and later coached the Cards to championships.)

To show how dominate the Cards were they placed three men on the Trident first ALL CCAL team: Bill Foote, forward; Brad Trine, center and Donald Griffin, guard.


Practice games: Chaminade 28-15, 24-11; San Jose Tech 40-18; Santa Clara 21-17; Los Gatos 16-11; Practice record 5-0. League: Salinas 12-14, 31-24; King City 17-9, 23-12; Boulder Creek 44-6, 64-6; Monterey 20-20, 38-8; Watsonville 22-9, 29-15; Pacific Grove 31-15, 25-23. League record 10 ½ wins and 1 ½ losses. Season record 15½ wins and 1 ½ loses. League standings: Santa Cruz 10 1/2–1 1/2, Salinas 10-2, Pacific Grove 8-4, Watsonville 6-6, Monterey 4 1/2–7 1/2, Gonzales 5-7, King City 0-10.

The only loss came from Salinas the first time. To prove that they were champs they won 31-24 the second time. The same with Monterey. The first game ended in a 20-20 tie, because of new rule allowing only one overtime, if there was no scoring in the overtime period. If still tied, each team gets half a win and half a loss. The next time Monterey saw the real Cardlet team, who won 38-8.
CHAMPIONSHIP LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM was composed of forwards, Bob Puget 5’6”, Dick Jeantrout. and Jim Smethers; veteran center and leading scorer, George Becknell; guards, Bernie Bourrigue and Art Kitahara. Top sub Ernie King. Other team members: Tom Otsuki, Jimmie Wilson, Bill George, Rose, Mario Esposito, Donald Todd, Earl Ratzman, Fred Dixon and Stanley.

In the first game against Monterey, the game went into overtime with the score 20-20. In the three minute overtime both teams shot freely, but neither team could connect for the much needed point. The reason why the game ended in a tie is given at the top of the basketball section. Becknell dropped in a free throw with only seconds on the clock to tie the score. He was also high scorer for the game with 11 points. The Cardlets were trailing 11-16 going into the last quarter. Then the Cardlets scored 9 points to the Toreadorbabes 4 to even the score 20-20. This was the toughest league game. In the next meeting SC won easily 38-8..

Cardlet Quintet Slaughter Kittens. Becknell Leads Babes to 22-9 Win. Watsonville found it tough sledding against the guard combination of Bourriague and Kitahara. The Cardlets held a substantial lead the entire game and the subs showed up extremely well and playing a lot. Bob Puget and Bernie Bourriague, two of the classiest players in the league, turned in outstanding performances on offense and defense. Ernie King, Becknell, Kitahara and Jim Smethers led the junior players. King scored nine points to take high scoring honors, while Becknell scored eight points to add to his previously made record breaker point total. Other scorers: Puget and Kitahara 4 each, Bourriague and Jeantrout 2 each.

For a span of 16 years from 1926 to 1942 the lightweight team won 11 titles.

George Becknell broke “Lefty” Pellegrini’s scoring record by 24 points with 96. Bob Puget followed with 64.


Practice game; Chaminade 2-1. League: Watsonville 7-1, 6-1; King City 10-0, 3-0; Hollister 3-4, 3-4; Salinas 4-1. League record 5-2 for second place. Season 6-2. Salinas cancelled their game because of lack of practice.

The team was led by pitcher Brad Trine had a successful season losing only to league champs Hollister by one run each time. Seniors, Bernie Bourriague and John Jellision stabilized the team. Others on the team: George Becknell C; Paul Juhl and Leibbrandt at 1B; Infielders, Kitahara 2B; Rose 3B and Danny Dedrickson SS; outfielders Doug McNeil, Joe Scaroni, Vic Ghidinelli, Buddy Yeoman, Art Netto also a P and Mike Demos. Returnees for next year are: Dick Fassio Of and pitcher; Johnny Davis pitcher and OF; Ernie King SS; Malcom Macauley INF and Emmett Thompson 1B.

Some highlights of the season. Against King City, Brad Trine had 17 strike outs with 11 coming in a row. He had a no hitter going into the seventh. Another big strike out game was 12 against city rival Chaminade. Brad also had a one hitter and several 5 hit games. Brad missed two no hitters by one hit. He pitched in 8 games and allowed a total of 8 runs for an ERA of 1.00. Very good. Brad was captain and center on the undefeated basketball team. Against Hollister for the championship, Trine threw a 4 hitter, but 11errors led to a 3-4 loss.

John Jellison from Aptos tripled and doubled and threw out a runner at home to take player of the week honors. Lloyd Rose had a five hit game. George Becknell had two games in a row with multiple hits, 3 for 4 and 2 for 3.

Joe Brovia a major player for the Cardinals last year, while only 17, left school to try out with the triple AAA San Francisco Seals. The league was called the major league of the West Coast as no major league team was West of St Louis. The league sent many players to the major leagues. Joe DiMaggio was one of the brightest from the Seals. Joe was sent to one of the Seals farm teams for the year. The Legendary Seals manager Lefty O’Doul was impressed by Joe’s hitting power. Joe spent many years on the Seals team and had a short time in the majors.

TRACK LIGHTWEIGHTS WIN CCAL CHAMPIONSHIP for the first time in ten years.
Both teams won all their dual meets.

Heavyweights took third at CCAL.. The varsity took second at the Monterey Relays. At the prestige’s King City Relays against 23 schools from a wide area, the varsity came in sixth and the lightweights finished third.

Both teams won championships of the County meet. Varsity: Santa Cruz 43, Watsonville 35, Hollister 27, Boulder Creek 9. Lightweights: Santa Cruz 52, Hollister 43, Watsonville 19, Boulder Creek 0.

Heavyweight top scorer was Marshall Broughton with a first in the mile, second in 880. Marshall ran a 4:58 mile, which was better than any times made by winners at any meets in the area. Second place finishers: Jack Coen 440 and Fred Dixon high jump. Third place Paul Juhl in 120 high hurdles. Fourth place: Richard Thompson 440 and Breeden in both the 220 and broad jump. Other heavyweight participants at the meet; Scofield, Breeden, Morgan, Rasmussen. Field events Vic Ghidinelli, Dick Voris, Whitman, Steele, John Jellison,

Heavyweights going to the NCS meet at Antioch are Marshall Broughton in mile; Fred Dixon high jump and Jack Coen in 440.


Fourteen of the Cardlets qualified for the CCAL finals and they beat Gonzales by three points to earn the championship. First place finishers for the lightweights were: Mario Esposito in the discus, Blaine in broad jump and Ernie King in shot put.

Second place finishers: Jim Smethers in shot put and Roy Deems in 220 and 50 yard dash.
Third place finishers: Troyer in 160 low hurdles, freshman Wesley Curtis in 440 and Roy Deems in 100. Fourth place finishers: Miller in shot put; Puget and Phillips tied in the pole vault.
Fifth place finisher: Ernie King in the 160 low hurdles. Other participants for the lightweights Okino, and McCullah

***NCS MEET LIGHTWEIGHTS took SEVENTH PLACE AND THE VARSITY TWELVTH out of the 40 top schools participating.

First place finishers at the NCS meet: Mario Esposito in discus and Ernie King in shot put.
Second place finishers: Roy Deems in 220 and Jim Smethers in shot put. Troyer and King both hit hurdles in the 120 low hurdles, but they still scored. Troyer taking third and King fifth.
Fourth place finishers: Freshman Wesley Curtis in 440; freshman Lolis Simpson sensational high jumper; Miller in the shotput; Bob Puget and Phillips tied in the pole vault.


match scores: Monterey 1-10, Salinas 1-10, Watsonville 9-2 and Pacific Grove 4-7. It was a big blow to the team, when Eugene Shatkin could not play at the league finals. Monterey broke the Santa Cruz string of 5 straight titles. Team members were Brad Trine number one singles player, Foote, Evans, Searle, Smethers, Daniels, Van der Grift and Nicholson.


this is the first year that golf has been recognized as a major CCAL sport. It has been such a success that there is little chance of its falling back into the minor sport ranks. The only draw back to the sport as a competitive sport for the Cards is the difficulty for the players to practice.

Pacific Grove won again by one point when the Cards were without a full squad. Many members of the team played other sports at the same time. In those shooting in the “80” group: Bob and Dick Voris, Ernie and Dick King and Tom Butler. In the “90” group Jimmie Smethers, Jim Wilson, Jim Phelps, Bob Searle, Malcomn Macaulay and David Nelson.


Bernie Bourriague three years of playing lightweight quarterback in football and basketball as a guard. Bernie was a major contributor on two lightweight championship basketball teams. Played good defense. Played second base on the championship baseball team.

1940 Undefeated basketball team had a talented group of athletes well versed in other sports as well. The two returning starters from the 1939 BEST OF THE DECADE team were Forward Bill Foote leading scorer with a 12 point average and center Brad Trine considered the best inside defensive player on them and an inside scorer.

Bill Foote outstanding forward and ALL CCAL player who led the team to a undefeated season. Bill has been consistent in scoring in double figures this year. In the big games against Salinas, he score 18 out of the team 29 points in the first game and 21 out of the 31 points in the last game. These were the only two defeats suffered by Salinas in league. Bill usually was at the head of the ladder in tennis. He has also played golf, but can not work it in now that he is one of the top tennis players. He also is a leading ping pong player on campus.

Brad Trine
Brad Trine The MVP and ALL CCAL on the baseball team. Brad was a dominate pitcher. in each. In 8 games pitched Brad allowed only 8 runs for an ERA of 1.00 or one run a game.. Ace pitcher for two championship teams, who said baseball was his favorite sport and probably what he was best in. Last year had a couple of shut outs. His top games this year was striking out 17 in one game with 11 in a row. Missed two no hitters by one hit. Pitched in 8 games and allowed a total of 8 runs for an ERA of 1.00. Very good. Center on the undefeated varsity basketball team. Most valuable player, good scorer and best defensive player. Center on a couple of undefeated lightweight basketball teams. Three sport star, who also was frst man on the tennis team

John Paul Juhl went out for basketball this year for the first time and with his athletic ability worked his way into the starting line up. Paul is the oldest of the four Juhl brothers, who all played for the Cards, was considered the best all around athlete in school. In baseball he was the starting first baseman. At the same time in track, he did the high jump and ran the hurdles, scoring in the dual meets. Took third at the CCAL meet in the 120 high hurdles. Went on to play on the Hartnell football team that played in the Rose Bowl for the State Junior College championship in 1942 along with Dick Voris. From there he went into the service as many did and graduated from San Jose State. He coached a section championship basketball team at Lodi high and later coached at Los Gatos, beating SC at one time.

Dick Voris captain of the football team and ALL CCAL center. Also participated in track and was one of the regular golf players. One of the top golfers shooting in the low to mid eighties on this near miss championship team. Has also participated in track. Went on to play on the Hartnell football team that played in the Rose Bowl for the State Junior college championship in 1942 along with Paul Juhl. Played at San Jose State. Became a football coach at Junior Colleges, four year colleges and pros.

Johnny Davis has been a first stringer since his sophomore year. Normally an infielder, he became the ace pitcher for the title winning team. He played on two undefeated lightweight basketball teams and for two years lightweight football. This year he was a starting back on the varsity football team. A reserve guard on the undefeated league champion varsity basketball team. In baseball he continued with the success he had last year as the ace of the staff for most of the season..

Bob Voris played three sports, football, basketball and golf through out his career. In football he was injured early, but came back and did a job at the end position. Earned his letter on the championship basketball squad at the guard position were he set up many other tallies. His height made him a good defensive player. One of the top golfers shooting in the low to mid eighties, like his brother Dick, on this near miss championship team.

Mike Demos is a two letterman in football and baseball. Football was Mike’s best sport, starting for two years in the backfield. His husky build was an advantage backing up the line and few got past him. His offensive play was brilliant and he led the team on many long drives. In baseball he was an outfielder famous for his hard catches. Many supposed hits were just another out when hit in Mike’s fielding position.

Jack Coen is a three year letterman in track. In his sophomore year. Jack broke the CCAL lightweight 660 yard record. The same year he took a third in the pole vault at the county meet. The last two years he has been a heavyweight. This year he was second in the 440 at the CCAL meet. Jack played three years of lightweight football. This last year, he was one of the strongest linemen in the CCAL. Jack played all, but a few minutes of the season.

Marshall Boughton proved to be one of the best distance runners in many years by leading the Cards to an undefeated dual meet season and team glory in the bigger meets. Marshall was the heavyweight top scorer for the season and was first in the mile, second in 880 at the CCAL meet.. Marshall ran a 4:58 mile, which was better than any times made by winners at any meets in the area.


Coaches: Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball, head of track and golf; Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football; Stevens, tennis; Walt Wattenburger, assistant in varsity football and track.


practice games: Palo Alto 7-0, Los Banos 6-6. Practice records 1-0-1. League: Hollister 13-7, Salinas 6-35, Monterey 26-13, Watsonville 20-6. League 3-1, second place. Season 4-1-1. Salinas champions.

This year the Cards won more games than they had for many a year. A tremendous improvement over last year, when they did not win a game.

Starting lineup: ends, Victor Fought and Art “Fiddle” Kitahara; tackles, Andy Demos, Archie Good and Jon Edmund; guards, Joe Scaroni, Charlie Booth and Jack Scofield; center, Bob Steele. Backs: Ugo Armanini, Tom Freeman, Johnny Davis and captain Victor Ghidinelli, who is also the punter. Other players: Al Ponticelli, Stocking, Baxter, Don Leibbrandt, Searle, Tony Fontes, Talbert Newhart, George Becknell, Ted Foster, Snyder, Nicholson, Morgan, Steward, Thompson, Riley, Pedemonte, Mitchell and Hull.

The Cards won their league opener against Hollister as Ghidinelli scores all the points. Led by Captain Vic Ghidinelli, who took a pass from Armanini with less than a minute to go and took it to the one yard line. After two line plunges failed, Vic went in for a score as the gun sounded. His kick for the extra point was good to bring the Cards from down 6-7 to a win 13-7. Hollister scored first and the Cards came right back to score, but did not make the extra point. Line plunges by Ghidinelli and passes from Davis to Armanini took the ball to the 14 yard line. Freeman carried to the seven yard line. Armanini passed to Ghidinelli to the two yard line from where Ghidinelli took it over.

The Cards played their best game of the season, when they defeated Monterey 26-13. The first string scored 19 points in the first half while holding Monterey scoreless, before letting the second, third and fourth strings take over. Johnny Davis, who has been the mainstay of the Cards offense completed six out of seven passes for a net gain of 80 yards, to say nothing about his fine running. The plunging of Vic Ghidinelli and Hugo Armanini along with the fine blocking by the whole team was outstanding. The first score came after four first downs good for 60 yards, Davis went off tackle for the remaining 15 yards and the touchdown. For the next score, Davis passed to Armanini for 20 yards, Ghidinelli made 20 yards in two tries on a run and a lateral play, which put the ball on the 13 yard line. Davis then scored on an end run. Later on a kick off return, George Becknell ran the ball back to mid field. The big gains were two long runs by Ghidinelli for 19 and 35 yards. A couple of penalties pushed the ball back to the 18 yard line from where Davis passed to Ghidinelli for the score.

A crowd of 5,000 saw the Cards win their first victory in seven years over Watsonville by the score of 20-6, which is the same score as 1933. The Wildcats scored first. The Cards came right back in the next series of downs, running the ball down to the Cats 40 yard line. Davis threw a long pass to Ghidinelli for the score. Just as the third quarter was to end a poor Cat kick gave the ball to the Cards at the Cat 35 yard line. Davis ran around right end for 20 yards to the 15. A pass from Davis to Armanini put the ball on the five, but the Cats held. The Wildcats could not get a first down and were forced to kick. Fought blocked the kick and recovered on the two. Davis ran it in for the score. Ghidinelli kicked the extra point making the score 13-6. Late in the fourth quarter, Davis intercepted a pass on the Cat 20 yard line. After a series of line plunges, Davis ran seven yards for the score. Ghidinelli again kicked the extra point to make the final score 20-6.

Trident All League team: quarterback, Johnny Davis; Vic Ghidinelli, offensive and defensive back and kicker; guard, Bob Steele and center, Jack Scofield.


Hollister 20-0, Salinas 13-7, Monterey 2-6, Watsonville 20-33. League 2-2 tied for second. Watsonville champs.

Starting line up: ends, Jerry Stanley, Jimmy Smethers and Dick Skotland; tackles, Dean Nelson and Richard Manildi; guards, Wataru Okino, Bob Short and Bill Dickson; center, Bob Thurman; Backs, Tom Oksuki, Jim Dover, Bob DiVita, captain and punter Ernie King and Bob McCullah. Subs; Fred Juhl, Marvin Ellis, Harry Miller, Tom Butler, James Choisser, Yockey, Cunha, Curtis, Guzman, Wagner, Rapanini, Iwanaga, Mills, Van Valkenberg, Crummy, George, Vernon, Burshem, Berg, and Dick King,

Cardlets Win Close Game From Cowbabes 13-7. Led by the brilliant play of captain Ernie King, who on receiving the kickoff following the Salinas score tossed the pellet to Dick Scotland who galloped sixty yards to a touchdown. The first conversion was missed, but a Salinas penalty allowed another try with McCullah plunging over. The final score came with three minutes remaining in the game, when King ripped off tackle for 13 yards and the winning touchdown. For three years King has been feared for his passes and some of the best running seen in these parts in a long time. SC rolled up 209 yards to Salinas’ 175.

Cardlets Drop Wild Tilt to Wildkittens 33-20, who Win Through the Line. The Kittens scored first and the Cardlets came right back with a score of their own on a pass from King to Stanley, who did some fine broken field running. Watsonville had by far the best line and used it to their advantage, breaking loose their star back for gains and scores. The Cardlets scored two more touchdowns using the accurate passing of King and the left-handed Mario Esposito. King threw what was probably the greatest pass seen at a CCAL lightweight game. With a minute to go King took the ball on the ten yard line and threw a pass to Jerry Stanley, leading him perfectly when he received the ball at the Kitten 40 yard line, from where Jerry ran it in for a score. The pass went for 50 yards and the whole play for 90 yards. Esposito had a good offensive game with his accurate passing and runs to the left and right ends. Jim Dover made about three fourths of the tackles to shine on defense. Many times when it looked like a Watsonville runner was going to break away for a score Jim would swoop in for the tackle.

Trident All League team: triple threat back, Ernie King; guard, Bill Dickson; end, Jimmy Smethers.

JV FOOTBALL against these teams first string heavyweights Pacific Grove 7-34, King City 19-0, Gonzales 7-6

Starters: ends, Becknell and Ted Foster; tackles, Dysle and Scaroni; guards, Baxter and Good; center, Charles Booth and Riley; Backs, quarterback Bill Michell, Talbert Newhart, Tony Fontes and Ray Morgan.


practice games: San Jose 29-37, Burlingame 17-63, Santa Clara 42-28, UCLA 145 pound team 24-29, (not counted in the records). Practice record 1-1. League: Monterey 26-22, 26-21; Boulder Creek 43-26, 31-19; King City 29-15, 26-19; Watsonville 32-21, 19-27; Salinas 19-21, 22-37. League 7-3 for third place. Season 8-4. League standings: Salinas 9-1, Pacific Grove 9-1, Santa Cruz 7-3, Watsonville 7-3, Boulder Creek 5-5, King City 5-5, Hollister Monterey 3-7, Hollister 2-8, Gonzales 2-8, Carmel 1-9.

The Cards had 31 consecutive league win streak going back to the 1939 season. Salinas broke the streak in the first round. Salinas won the league.

Starting lineup: center, George Becknell 6‘3“; forwards, Dick Fassio 6‘, Talbert Newhart 6’2” and Wayne Lear; guards, captain Ugo Armanini 5’6”, John Davis 5’6” and Eugene Shatkin; Subs Emmett Thompson, “Pinky” Pedemonte, John Fulmer, Ralph Pritshau, and Ned Rice.

The Cards kept their championship play intact by edging out Monterey 26-22. Led by sophomore, Dick Fassio, who scored 14 point, the Cards did not have the game sewed up until the last minutes of play. Monterey was just as good as they were supposed to be, but the Card quintet handled the ball like veterans, although their shooting was slightly off at times. Star center, George Becknell was held to only four points, way below normal, but made up for it on defense. Eugene Shatkin played a well rounded game and scored points. The surprise of the evening was the fine ball played by Fassio, who made impossible shots from all angles and proved himself the best player on the court.

No time during the first three quarters of the game was victory assured for the Cards. Three times during the evening the Cards found themselves on the short end of the score. At half time the score was 8-8. Toward the end of the third quarter, Becknell started to run wild scoring 17 points to leave a little cushion 32-21. Others scoring: forwards, Fassio 6, Shatkin 3; guards and subs, Armanini 4, Davis 1, Newhart 1, Thompson and Lear 0.

Championship hopes fade as Salinas takes Cards 22-37. The Cards were on their toes all the time, but tired in the final quarter. The Cowboys towered far above our “short” Cardinals, thus taking the ball off the backboard a large part of the time. The starting line up were not the normal five, but forwards, Shatkin and Lear; center, Thompson; guards, Davis and Newhart. This team proved unable to handle Salinas as they were down 1-12 at the end of the first quarter. The half ended 9-20.

Dick Fassio a starting forward as a sophomore. he led the team in scoring with 62 points.


Undefeated in League CCAL CHAMPIONS Practice games; San Jose 23-13, Burlingame 26-23, Palo Alto 19-26, Santa Clara 21-27. Practice record 2-1. League: Monterey 42-28, 36-19; Boulder Creek 36-9, 51-11; King City 29-19, 40-25; Watsonville 41-10, 32-12; Salinas 41-20, 28-17. League undefeated champions 10-0. Season 12-1. League standings: Santa Cruz 10-0, Gonzales 8-2, Salinas 7-3, Monterey 7-3, Watsonville 4-6, King City 4-6, Hollister 3-7, Boulder Creek and Carmel 1-9.

The Cardlets were a “dream team” all of them lettermen from last years championship team and four were starters last year also. Jim Smethers, with 108 points broke the league record set by George Becknell last year.

Starting lineups: center, Jim Smethers; forwards, Bob Searle, Captain Dick Jeantrout, Bill George and Fred Juhl; guards, Malcom Macaulay, Ernie King, Art Kitahara and Tom Otsuki. Subs: Julio Ghidinelli, Carter, Jim Choisser, Mario Esposito, Willis Anderson, Dick King and “Sonny” McGregor.

In the league opening first game, a win against Monterey 42-28. Up until the end of the half the outcome of the game seemed anybody’s choice with the Cardlets ahead 17-13. In the second half SC dropped a pair of buckets and Monterey literally fell apart allowing SC to run up a comfortable lead. The three leading SC scorers were King 14, Smethers 13 and George 12. Guards, Jeantrout and Kitahara proved to be valuable assets on offense as time after time they worked the ball into the forwards for sucker shots.

Off to a fast start, the Cardlets piled up an early lead toward a runaway score of 41-10 over Watsonville. The Kittens found it next to impossible to penetrate the SC defense. At half time the score was 23-2 and the only question was how large was the score going to be at the end. Scoring: forwards, Juhl and King 2 each; center, Smethers 8; guards, Kitahara 10 and Jeantrout 3. Subs: George 9, Anderson and Esposito 2 each, Otsuki, Julio Ghidinelli and Searle 1 each; Macaulay, Choisser, Carter, King and Mac Gregor 0.

Cardlets Cinch CCAL Championship With Unblemished record taking a 28-17 win from Salinas. The Cardlets did not get through the game without a scare. It was 6-6 at the end of the first quarter and 13-13 at half. To start the half, Kitahara moved inside rather than stay in his normal position on the outside and dropped in two quick shots under the basket to put the game on ice. The Cardlets rolled up 15 points to 4 for the Cowbabes in the second half. Scoring: forwards, George 6 and King 4; center, Smethers 10; guards, Jeantrout 2 and Kitahara 6; Subs: Esposito, Juhl, Otsuki, Macaulay, Anderson, and Choisser 0.

The Cardlets scored 342 point to their opponents 153. Average points scored per game is 38 with 22 against. A winning margin of 16 points per game.


At the CCAL meet the heavyweights were third and the lightweights were fourth.

Top scorers for the heavyweights in all meets
For the season Jack Scofield led the team in points scored with 50. Most of his points were in the high hurdles, high jump, shot put and the relay.

Mario Esposito was second in scoring with 34 points, even though he missed the first part or the season with the measles. His 100 time of 10.4 and 220 time of 23.3 and being a member of the relay team made points for him.

Richard Thompson was third in scoring with 25 points. Most of his points were won in the 440. His best time was 53 second. He also ran in the relay.

Jay Blaine 18 points did not reach his record breaking broad jump of last year, only doing 20’3” this year. He was hindered by an injured leg muscle.

The next three men earned 17 points. Ray Deems made all his points in the first two meets as the measles got him down. Last year he did the 100 in 10.4 and the 220 in 24 seconds flat. Charles Strope made his points in the high jump and 220 yard low hurdles. He won the county meet with a jump of 5’6”. George Wightman made all his points in the pole vault. His best mark was 10’6”.

Talbert Newhart scored 14 points all at the Monterey Relays and dual meet. He placed in the mile, discus and 880 with his best time of 2:25.7. Roy Morgan scored 11 points all made in the 220 low hurdles.

Top scorers for the lightweights in all meets
Malcom Macaulay with 50 points. His top meet score was 14 points. His events were 120 and 160 low hurdles, broad jump and relay.

Bob McCullah 36 points made in the pole vault with a best of 10’ and a high jump of 5‘3“.
Bob DiVita 31 points in the discus of 110“6“, shot put, broad jump of 18’2” and 440 relay.
Bob Stiffler 18 points in 50 yard dash of 5.7, and discus of 115‘6“. Bob would have had more points and helped the team do better at the big meets, but was out sick.
Kenny Morgan 16 points in 440 and 660 time of 1:36.3.
Itsuki Artyishi 15 points in broad jump of 19’1” and the 160 and 120 low hurdles.
Ted Deems 13 points in 440 in 57.4 seconds and 660.
Jim Fallis 12 points in 440 and 660 in 1:42.
Lawrence Trapani 12 points in 50 and 110 yard dashes, plus a 220 in 24.9.

With nine schools at the CCAL meet there was a lot of competition. For the heavyweights, Scofield took seconds in the 120 high hurdles and the high jump and a third in the shot put. Esposito took third in the 220 and fourth in 100, even after being very sick for a time. Other third place finishers were: Richard Thompson in 440. Van Shepard in mile and Jay Blaine in broad jump. Charles Strope took fourth place in the high jump.

At NCS Jack Scofield was entered in 3 events, but did not score.

For the lightweights at the CCAL meet: Second place finishers: Malcolm Macaulay in 120 high hurdles and 160 low hurdles. Di Vita in discus and third in shot put. Bob McCullah in pole vault and fourth in high jump. Fourth place finishers: Berg in 440, Morgan in 660 and Areyoshi in broad jump.

At NCS Bob McCullah was the only scorer tying for third in the pole vault for 1.5 points. Other participants for the lightweights: Macaulay was entered in the 120 low hurdles, Stiffler 50 and Morgan 220 low hurdles.


Practice game: Monterey 11-4; League: Salinas 3-7, 1-3; Hollister 9-3, 1-5; King City 1-4, 3-0; Carmel 6-9, 16-10; Watsonville 4-0, 1-10. League record 4-6. Season record 5-6.

Midway through the season the league banned six of the best Cardinal players. (No explanation was given. It could have been a new rule put in by the league that prohibited players from playing the same sport in outside competition. Which many players did all along, before this rule went into affect. In the 1930’s the high school baseball team, toward the end of the season, had players playing for the legion nine at the same time.)

The loss of these players, plus the back up of games because of bad weather, caused the team to play four games a week for a few weeks. There was only one pitcher left, Art Kitahara. Art had to pitch all four games in the week. It was tough to do and with poor fielding behind him this season, caused the season to not end well. Art started the season as the second basemen, but when the other pitchers were dropped from the team, it took great heart for him to fill that spot. It was especially tough, for one who had been a tough competitor, to end up losing games. Another senior had to fill a vacant position as catcher and Richard Searle playing in his first year on the team did a nifty job and boomed out several extra base hits, one a home run. The third and last senior, outfielder Adolph Negri walloped the old apple all over the lot.

In the last game of the season a 16-10 win over Carmel, the line up included: Mal Macaulay, who hit a homer; Johnny Ghio who slammed out three singles; Art Kitahara who hit two doubles and scored three runs; Dick Searle doubled, Wataru Okino singled, Don Baldwin, Seta, Bob Rittenhouse, Bob Baldassar, Tom Saunders and Adolph Negri. Other team members: John Davis, Richard Fassio, John Reis, Fred Carothers, Wayne Lear, Art Demos, Emmett Thompson.


ended with a tie for the championship with Salinas and Monterey, to be played off in June, The team match scores: Carmel 7-2, Salinas 5-6, Pacific Grove 11-0, Watsonville 11-0, Monterey 7-4 and Carmel 10-1.

First man and CCAL singles champion, Eugene Shatkin will go to Berkeley to represent the league at the NCS. Eugene lost in the finals at NCS to a senior, which should give Eugene a good chance to win the title next year.


went undefeated in league for the championship
The scores for the league matches: Pacific Grove 36-0, Watsonville 32-4, Salinas 33-3, Monterey 35-1.

The team was led by Ernie King and Tom Butler who consistently hit in the 70’s. Jim Smethers and captain Dave Nelson hit the 70’s once. Other golfers: Jim Wilson, George Becknell, Bob Searle, Pat Migues and Dick King.

King and Butler will participate in the State tournament in Pebble Beach. Ernie also enters large tournaments on the coast and shoots in the 80’s.


George Becknell played football, basketball and golf this year. He was the starting center on the third place varsity basketball

Art Kitahara lettered as a starter as varsity end in football, pitcher and infielder in baseball and a starting guard on the lightweight “dream team” this year. For his first two years in school he was a track star. He is speedy with coordination. Art was the boys athletic honor student.
The loss players toward the end of the season, plus the back up of games because of bad weather, caused the team to play four games a week for a few weeks. There was only one pitcher left, Art Kitahara. Art had to pitch all four games in the week. It was tough to do and with poor fielding behind him this season, caused the season to not end well. Art started the season as the second basemen, but when the other pitchers were dropped from the team, it took great heart for him to fill that spot. It was especially tough, for one who had been a tough competitor, to end up losing games.

Malcom Macaulay as a freshman track man made it to the NCS track meet and played short stop, was a good hitter and hit a home run this year.

Ernie King will participate in the State tournament in Pebble Beach. Ernie also enters large tournaments on the coast and shoots in the 70’s. This year he is a starting back on the lightweight football team and does all the punting, shares passing duties with Esposito, who goes to the left where Ernie runs to the right to throw or run. He also was one of the first substitutes off the bench for the undefeated lightweight basketball team.

Eugene Shatkin a junior this year was a first string guard on this years basketball team and a member of the California Scholastic Society with the intention of attending Cal on graduation. He has been elected Student Body President. Eugene won the singles title for the CCAL this year and reached the finals of the NCS. He has been ranked as one of the top junior tennis players in the area. Eugene was a finalist at the NCS tennis matches this year and winner of the league singles. In 1942, he was again league singles champion, plus helping win the doubles title. This same year Eugene was selected as an ALL CCAL guard, playing on an undefeated championship varsity basketball team.

For the season Jack Scofield led the team in points scored with 50. Most of his points were in the high hurdles, high jump, shot put and the relay. With nine schools at the CCAL meet there was a lot of competition. But Jack was up to the task and took seconds in the 120 high hurdles and the high jump and a third in the shot put. Jack qualified for all three events at the NCS competition, but was not able to place high enough to score. Jack was a starting guard on the varsity football team.

Mario Esposito was second in scoring with 34 points, even though he missed the first part or the season with the measles. His 100 time of 10.4 and 220 time of 23.3 and being a member of the relay team made points for him. Mario was a starter on the lightweight football squad as a fast back running around both ends and as an accurate left handed passer. In 1942, he played on the powerful undefeated basketball team as a forward.

Richard Thompson was third in scoring with 25 points. Most of his points were won in the 440. His best time was 53 second. He also ran in the relay.


Bob De Witt acclaimed by all who saw him play, as the greatest basketball player to come out of the CCAL, received an even higher honor, when he was unanimously chosen as forward on the all star team picked at the Junior College invitational Tournament


Coaches: Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track; Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and baseball; Don Quinn, track and lightweight football; Stevens, tennis; Walt Wattenburger, assistant in varsity football and track.


practice games: Palo Alto 7-32, Los Banos 7-26, Bellarmine 0-0, Pacific Grove 0-12. Practice record: 0-3-1. League: Salinas 12-6, Monterey 0-13, Watsonville 18-27, Hollister 0-13. League 1-3, third place. Season 1-6-1.

The team lost Hugo Armanini, their captain, to the navy at mid year. Hugo was one of the best athletes Santa Cruz has had for a long time.

In a moral victory and playing their best game this year, the Cards tied Bellarmine 0-0, a team that has beaten Watsonville, Hollister and PAL power Sequoia. Underdogs going into the game, the Cardinals out gained and out passed the visitors. The highly touted passing attack of earlier in the season started to click as the Armanini to Newhart combination really showed some passing and running. Fontes also proved to be a real pass catcher. Andy Demos was in on every tackle and played like a real college prospect. The whole line played swell ball with Dysle, Davenhill and Krupp stopping all line plunges. Center Bill Snyder went out with a knee injury and will be lost for the Watsonville game. If the team can play like this, they can beat the Cats.

Nine of the starting lineup are seniors. The starting lineup: Ends, Stanley and Manildi; tackles, Dysle and Demos; guards, Davenhill and Poston; center, Thurman; backs, Newhart, Fontes, Armanini and Mitchell. Off the bench Pinkham, Rittenhouse and Sommers. Others Mount, Mathews, Hornbaker, Pedemont, Anderson, Gilson, Snyder, Druet, Franks and Thompson.

Andy Demos, ALL CCAL tackle, has received two offers of scholarships for his brilliant play on the gridiron. Talbert Newhart, also ALL CCAL, received a scholarship for his work at the halfback position.


Practice games: Los Gatos 7-0, Carmel 13-7. Practice record 2-0. LeagueL: Hollister 0-13, Salinas 6-0, Monterey 18-0 and Watsonville, 0-24, League 2-2, third place. Season record 4-2.

Eight starters are seniors. The starting lineup; ends, Bill George and Searle; tackles, Reis and Al Cunha; guards, Short and co-captain, Bill Dickson; center, King. Backs, Mario Esposito, co-captain Bob McCullah, Bob Stiffler and DiVita. Subs Macaulay, Baldwin, W. Wood, Schultz, Yockey, David, Landre, Blaine, E. Wood, Francis, Trapini, Seta, Durkin, Morey, Cecil Berg, Hackboarth, Bob and Marvin Scott, Jim Cholssen, Marvin Ellis, Choisse and Mac Gregor.

The Cardlets defeated the highly favored Carmel heavyweight team in the final twenty seconds 13-7. Bob Stiffler, the spark plug of the team made all thirteen points by hard line plunging and heads up ball. The first touchdown was started on a blocked kick by Dick King. Stiffler plunged through center very effectively until he tired. Berg and Choisser alternated on running the ends until Stiffler recovered his wind and then he plunged over for the score making it 6-7 in favor of Carmel. Choisser kicked off and Carmel was held for four downs. Choisser passed to Hackbarth, who took the ball to the thirteen yard line. With sixty seconds to go a penalty against Carmel put the ball on the eight yard line. From there Stiffler plunged it over and did the same for the extra point. The kick off and two plays ended the game for a Cardlet win.


for the third time in four years and six out of the last nine. Practice games: Pacific Grove 41-14, San Jose Tech 29-12, Los Gatos 38-24, Madera the Valley champs 24-21, Palo Alto Loss, Santa Clara 37-28. Practice record 5-1. League: Monterey 24-20, Hollister 33-19; Watsonville 29-13, Boulder Creek 49-20, Salinas 37-16. League record 5-0. Season 10-1. Won the championship again after missing it last year by a scant margin.

The starting lineup: forwards, Emmett Thompson and Talbert Newhart; center, Dick Fassio; guards, Jerry Stanley and Eugene Shatkin. Subs: John Fulmer, Chet Pinkham, Bob Fassio, Bob Hackbarth, Robert Hornbaker, Wayne Lear, Willie Anderson, Pinky Pedemonte and Duane Daniels. Of the twelve fellows left on the squad at the end of the season, seven stand on or above the 6 foot mark. Three first stringers are seniors, but there will be six or seven players back capable of starting next year.

Because of World War II starting on December seventh, the coast was on black out conditions at night. The basketball games were played during the day and some games were cancelled. League competition became a single round instead of the normal two.

Cardinals win over Santa Clara 37-28. Mad over their loss to Palo Alto last Friday, the Cards took it out on Santa Clara. Fassio and Stanley playing fine floor games, led the Cards to a 11-3 first quarter lead. The second quarter was a quiet affair with wild passes and missed foul shots. The subs played most of the second half. Fassio was leading scorer with 12.

Headline: Fassio sparks Cards to win over Madera. Varsity beats Valley Five 24-21, The game against a fast Fresno area champs Madera was a thriller, that was rough and tough on the players’ bodies and the spectators blood pressure. At halftime the teams looked about even and the score was exactly even, 12-12. Fassio and Newhart each scored to put the Cards ahead by three. The second team went in and three minutes later gave the lead up with the score tied 17-17. First team back and it became a battle. From there on in, it became so heated and the fouls so frequent, the officials missed half the fouls despite the fact that a whistle was blowing continuously. Fassio made two free throws to make it 19-17. Madera duplicated it to tie again 19-19. Fassio came back to dump in a swell one handed push shot on the run to give the Cards the lead. Shatkin followed with a free throw, then Fassio sank another basket with a minute to play and a 24-21 lead. The teams played five man football the last minute with the grid game ending in a scoreless tie. Cardinal players and their scoring: forwards, Newhart 6 and Thompson 0; center, Fassio 11; guards, Shatkin 6 and Stanley 0. Substitutes: Armanini 1, Fulmer, Lear, Landess and Anderson.

Cardinals decisively walloped Watsonville 29-13. Fassio playing his best game of the year, scores 16 points more then the whole Wildcat team. Starting out in the first quarter with a slow passing game, the Cardinals had complete command of the game at all times, even when the second team played the last quarter. Fassio took care of the scoring in the first quarter making two swell pivot shots in the foul circle. In the second quarter, Thompson tipped in a shot and Newhart followed with a couple of free throws. The half ended 8-2. In the third period Shatkin, Newhart and Fassio scored at will with the quarter ending 20-6. And the reserves took over winning their quarter 9-7. The Cats could not cope with the locals’ height, defense or scoring ability. Fassio was high for game with 16 points and scored over half the total by the Cards.

Santa Cruz cagers crush Salinas 37-16 to take the CCAL lead. There was good teamwork as all the Cards played fine ball with Fassio leading the scoring with 19 points. Newhart, Thompson and Lear were sweet on offense. Jerry Stanley and Gene Shatikin worked the ball very well. Both Fassio and Newhart controlled the backboards the whole game, stopping the Salinas attack cold. To start things off, Emmett Thompson sank a honey, Fassio made a tip in and then a free throw to end the quarter. Second quarter, Fassio made three nice baskets and Gene Shatkin a free throw to end the half 16-7. The only score for SC in the third was a tip in by Fassio. The final quarter found the Cards unable to miss a basket, making nine of 13 shots, including four baskets by Fassio.

Headlines in the Sentinel: Santa Cruz cagers swamp Hollister fives to win CCAL championships again; Cards beat varsity 46-15; Cardlets win 47-7. There were about 500 people in Turner gym for the executions. This is the third championship in the last four years. Everyone in the joint knew that Hollister did not have anything and wondered how many points the Cardinals would score. Dick Fassio scored on 7 out of 11 shots for 17 points in 14 minutes of basketball, before leaving the game for good.

Guard, Gene Shatkin was chosen by the Sentinel-News as an ALL CCAL player along with Dick Fassio, ALL CCAL center, who broke the individual school scoring record with a total of 138 points. Dick was voted the outstanding player in Northern California high school basketball by both the San Francisco papers, the Chronicle and Examiner. The Sentinel honor roll had this to say about Dick, “ he is the most improved player in the league” leading the Cardinals to the CCAL championship and himself taking second place in league scoring. As a junior, he is one of the finest prospects the league has every had. He is sure fire college material.

Some nights after practice Dick would play with the high school reserve team against adults in a city league game. The adults could single out stopping Dick, but against one of the best players in the league he scored 21 points. Dick Fassio, playing with the high school reserves defeated the Knights of Columbus in the biggest upset of current City league play as he scored 24 points to pace the high school to a 33-31 win. In a following game against one of the best teams in the league Dick again scored 24 points. At the end of the season the City league picked an all star team and Dick was included, not only for his scoring, but also for his brilliant floor game and even though he was high school player going against adults.

Season scoring summary: Dick Fassio 130, Shatkin 76, Newhart 76, Thompson 57, Stanley 23, Lear and Anderson 17, Hornbaker 12, Fulmer 8, Daniels 5, Armanini 5 and Bob Fassio 3.

ALL CCAL selections Dick Fassio and Eugene Shatkin


CHAMPIONS for the sixth time in seven years. Practice record: Pacific Grove 25-8, Los Gatos 36-18, 23-21, Palo Alto won, Santa Clara 24-28, San Jose Tech 31-20. Practice record: 5-1. League: Hollister 47-7, Salinas 37-10; Monterey 40-21, Boulder Creek 63-9, Watsonville 29-13. League record 5-0. Season 10-1.


won their third straight championship losing only one game out of their 11 game schedule. Ending the season with a 10-1 record. Bill George, star forward and main-stay of the team led the team in scoring with 139 points. Four of this years team moved up from the substitutes ranks of last year. Three are seniors this year.

Starting lineup: forwards, Mario Esposito and Jim Choisser; center, Bill George; guards, Malcom Macaulay and Tom Osuki. At the end of the season The Sentinel-News selected the whole starting line up as ALL CCAL. Subs: Julio Ghidinelli, Tom Kenney, Dick King, Mario Esposito, Yoshimi Kawaguchi, John Reis, Kenneth Molton, Ernie Wood, Bill Lidderdale and Bob Baldassar.

Sparked by third year man Bill George, who personally accounted for 14 points or more then half his teams point, led his team to a 25-8 win over Pacific Grove in the first game of the season. Up until this season Bill has played forward, but this year is taking over the center spot.
Sparked by third year man Bill George, who personally accounted for 14 points or more then half his teams point, led his team to a 25-8 win over Pacific Grove in the first game of the season. Up until this season Bill has played forward, but this year is taking over the center spot. In the past two years the lightweight basketball team is undefeated in league and only lost one game a year. A fine record that Bill has been a big part of, especially with scoring abilities. His first year he was part of the mosquito squad”, younger and smaller players, who would get into games that were not close and be as scrappy as they could. He is much past that stage now.
The rest of the starters have at least one years experience on the team. They are Mal Macaulay, Mario Esposito, Jim Choisser and Tom Otsuki. Scoring for this game: forwards, Macaulay and Esposito 3; center, George 14; guards, Choisser and Otsuki 2. Subs: Kawaguchi 4, Kaney 2, Ghidinelli, Arao, Wood, Bone, Reis and King 0.

Cardlets defeat San Jose Tech 30-21. Macaulay showed up especially well with his good court work plus some dead eye shots, which netted him 10 points to tie with George for scoring honors.
The teams fast breaking, colorful type of play, should draw crowds. There were more fans at the game tonight than most football games. Line up: forwards, George and Macaulay 10 each; center Searle 3; guards, Otsuki 2 and Choisser. Subs: Esposito 3, Reis and Wood 1 each, King, Ghidinelli, Kaney and Kawaguchi.

Cardlets Whip Hollister 47-7. Macaulay led all scorers with 14 points followed by George with 9. Choisser slipped in three long ones and two foul shots for 8 point and the first points he has scored in league competition. Another surprise of the evening was the “Mad Russian” Esposito who scored four points.
Malcom along with Bill George were the big scorers on the Champion lightweight basketball team. Malcom also played on the lightweight football team this year and when he was a senior he was a starter on the varsity track team.

It took Salinas until the closing minutes of the second quarter, before they could score against the tight defense of the Cardlets that forced them into taking long impossible shots. The first quarter was dominated by the sharp shooting Mal Macaulay and teammate Bill George. The Cowbabes had Bill covered to a fare thee well, so he fed the ball to Mal with pleasing results. In the second quarter, they started to cover Mal, so he in turn, fed Bill and he looped them in.


The dream team.
At the CCAL meet, the lightweights won for the second time in three years.

At NCS, Malcom Macaulay at 125 pounds was top scorer with 11¼ points. He won the 220, broad jump and ran on the winning relay team with Dick Hackbarth, Bob Stiffler and Harold Antonnetti. Dick Hackbarth won the 100 dash.
The 440 yard relay team shattered the CCAL record by 4 seconds. All will be back next year, but Stiffler. Giving the team a total of 25 points. All first place finishes each worth 5 points.
Other team members: Cardiff, Faulds, Morgan, Sinclair, Hall, Scott, David, King, F. Baldwin, Julio Ghidinelli, Langrish, Amos, Ariyoshi and G. Muttersbach.
NCS covers the counties of Alameda, Contra Cost, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito.

At the CCAL meet the varsity took second to Salinas. Jay Blaine broad jump star, won the 440 and Wayne Fontes won the 880.

Usual placers at dual meets for the varsity were Mario Esposito, Wayne Fontes, Bob McCullah, Howard Dysle and little Art Medina. Other team members: Bergstrom, Lander, Wright, Franks, Dellamora, Summers, Sheldon, Thurman and Lear.

NCS varsity placers were: Jay Blaine was second in 440 and Tony Fontes third in 880. For a total of 4 points for tenth place.


a much modified schedule due to the war. Games: Carmel 14-0, Monterey 10-4, Watsonville 3-4. Record 2-1.

This year the team had the smallest squad in history. The squad: Dick Fassio starting pitcher; Bob Fassio and Reis C; infielders, Emmett Thompson, Hackbarth, Choisser, Mazzei, Lear, Medina and Saunders. Outfielders: Dario Fassio, Rittenhouse, Lear, Mount, McGee, Baldasser and D Baldwin.

Headlines: Dick Fassio hurls no-run, no hit ball game as Santa Cruz slaughters Carmel nine 14-0; Cardinals wallop Monterey in second tilt 10-4. Article: Curly haired Dick Fassio, one of Northern California’s best scholastic basketball players, changed suits and pitched a no hitter with 14 strike outs against Carmel. Dick fanned the first six men to face him. Only one ball left the infield, a short fly ball to right. Hitting in the clean up spot, he also delivered a hit and two runs. Line up for the Cards with position played, hits and then at bats in the game. Hackbarth SS, 1-4; Baldwin LF, 1-4, Reis C, 1-4; Fassio P, 1-4; Saunders 3B, 3-4; Rittenhouse CF, 1-4; Lear 1B, 1-4; Medina 2B, 2-4; Dario Fassio RF, 2-4.

In the afternoon of the same day, the team traveled a few miles to play a game against Monterey. Dick played left field and laced out two doubles and a single to lead his team to a 10-4 victory. Charley McGee hurled a two hitter until the seventh inning, when he tired and gave up five more hits to end with a seven hitter. His mates pounded out 11 hits.

Headline, Dick Fassio Number One Man. The Sentinel-News athletic roll of honor for the week of April 12-19 is topped by the name of DICK FASSIO, high school hurler, who turned the trick so many pitchers aim for, pitching a no hit, no run game. In practice at the high school he tries hard to improve both at bat and on the mound. He’s still the same modest kid he always has been, not at all swell headed about all the publicity.

Salinas JC dumps Cardinal nine 1-4. An epidemic of fielding lapses cost the Cards four runs, all unearned. Outside of two bad fielding innings, the third and fifth, the Cards had everything under control with Dick Fassio hurling five hit ball and striking out seven. The Cards only run came in the last inning when Fassio smashed one over the left field fence for a home run. Hackbarth at SS and Lear at 1B were unable to play. Line up listed in same order as above. Saunders 3B, 1-3; Baldwin LF, 0-2; Reis C, 1-3; Fassio P, 1-3; Thompson 1B, 0-3; Rittenhouse CF, 0-3; Medina 2B, 0-2; Baldassar SS, 1-3; McGee RF, 0-2; Choisser 2B, 0-1.

A eight team tournament with the four teams of the A league playing in Salinas at 9 am and the winners would play at 1 pm. The winner would play the winner of the B league who were doing the same thing. The winner of the A and B league playoff would be considered CCAL champions.

For the A league, Watsonville and Santa Cruz played and at the same time Salinas was playing Hollister. In the B league Gonzales played King City and Monterey played Carmel. Santa Cruz lost the first game 4 to 3 in extra innings. Dick Fassio pitched a fine game and hit a triple. Watsonville won the A league championship.

TENNIS after a two year absence from the top ranks, the Cards took the championship again for the twenty-sixth time. Eugene Shatkin won the CCAL singles title for the second time. Coach Roy Stevens deserves much credit for giving so many top teams to Santa Cruz High.

The doubles team of Milo Nittler and Shatkin won at CCAL also. Other team members Roy Cushing, Duane Daniels, Bob Mace, Verle Duckering and Burt Landess.


won the championship handily. Most of the time the Cards were so far out in front that they played mostly for the score instead of against the other team.

Dick King, Jim Wilson and Bob Searle paced the team. Other members: Richard Manildi, Malcom Macaulay, Bill Emmons and Willard Pennell.


Eugene Shatkin has been a big cog in keeping the winning record of the tennis team going in his four years at SCHS. Cards took the championship again for the twenty-sixth time. Eugene won the CCAL singles title for the second time. Coach Roy Stevens deserves much credit for giving so many top teams to Santa Cruz High. Gene was chosen by the Sentinel-News as an ALL CCAL basketball player. He was an outstanding guard on the undefeated varsity team, which lost only its first game of the year. They were able to beat Madera, the Valley championship team and always tough San Jose teams.

The Sentinel-News selected Dick Fassio as an ALL CCAL center. Dick broke the individual school scoring record with a total of 138 points. Dick was voted the outstanding player in Northern California high school basketball by both the San Francisco papers, the Chronicle and Examiner. The Sentinel honor roll had this to say about Dick, “ he is the most improved player in the league” leading the Cardinals to the CCAL championship and himself taking second place in league scoring. As a junior, he is one of the finest prospects the league has every had. He is sure fire college material. Some nights after practice Dick would play with the high school reserve team against adults in a city league game. The adults could single out stopping Dick, but against one of the best players in the league he scored 21 points. Dick Fassio, playing with the high school reserves defeated the Knights of Columbus in the biggest upset of current City league play as he scored 24 points to pace the high school to a 33-31 win. In a following game against one of the best teams in the league Dick again scored 24 points. At the end of the season the City league picked an all star team and Dick was included, not only for his scoring, but also for his brilliant floor game and even though he was high school player going against adults. Dick Fassio Number One Man. The Sentinel-News athletic roll of honor for the week of April 12-19 is topped by the name of DICK FASSIO, high school hurler, who turned the trick so many pitchers aim for, pitching a no hit, no run game. In practice at the high school he tries hard to improve both at bat and on the mound. He’s still the same modest kid he always has been, not at all swell headed about all the publicity.


LIGHTWEIGHTS WIN CCAL AND NCS CHAMPIONSHIP. The dream team scored 25 points at the Northern California meet against forty of the top schools in the Northern part of the state. This team is a very special group, but Malcom Macaulay was the top man in making this all happen. At the CCAL meet, the lightweights won CCAL for the second time in three years. At NCS, Malcom Macaulay at 125 pounds was top scorer with 11¼ points. He won the 220, broad jump and ran on the winning relay team with Dick Hackbarth, Bob Stiffler and Harold Antonnetti


Paul Juhl playing short stop for Hartnell College went 5 for 5 against Menlo. At this time the Navy had a restriction on maximum weight for enlistees of 165 pounds. But they gave Paul another 10 pound to add on to the 165 to qualify. He still had to lose weight to get into the Navy, which he did. When he was discharged from the Navy he enrolled at San Jose State and on graduation started coaching in the San Joaquin Valley. His best basketball team there was at Lodi as it won their section championship. He returned to live in Santa Cruz and coached at Los Gatos High for many years. Even beating Santa Cruz in basketball


Intramural or City League only in all sports. World War II in progress


There were no interscholastic sports in 1943. Unfortunately for Dick Fassio and many others, they lost out on the opportunities to have even more success in sports their senior year. Fifty boys turned out for football. They were weighed, measured, age taken and previous years of experience considered. Then the boys were divided into four equal as possible teams. Four captains were chosen to be the team leader. They were Pinky” Pedemonte, Dick Fassio, Charles Yockey and Bob Rittenhouse. Pedemonte was a second string heavyweight back last year and broke into several games including the Watsonville tussle in which he was somewhat of a star. Yokey was a lightweight lineman. He is game and tough and likes football so much, he practiced on the high school field this summer. Fassio goes from basketball, in which he is one of the best, to a more bruising grid sport. Rittenhouse, who shows signs of developing into a top punter was on the heavyweight team last year. The names for the team are Golden Bears, Indians, Hornets and Packers.

The first team all stars, which no doubt would have been the players to start if SCHS were playing other schools. Ends, Durkin and Bergstrom; tackles Krupp and Pinkham; guards Ledyard and Yockey; center, Vernon; quarterback, Rittenhouse; backs, Macaulay, Fassio and Pedemonte.

Second team: ends, Byington and A. Medina; tackles Hackbarth and Smith; guards, Lidderdale and Dysle; center, B. Medina; quarterback, Curtis; backs, Thompson, J. Reis and McGregor.

Fassio was the individual star of the high school’s intramural league football program. He out gained every player in the league by more than 100 yards, while captaining the Golden Bears. It was the first year Fassio had ever played football, but by the end of the season he was the best football player in school.

Ending league standings: Indians and Packers 2-1, Bears and Hornets 1-2.

A heavyweight and lightweight All League team was picked with lightweights being those around 140 and the heavies tipping in around 170. Heavies: ends, John Larrecq and Gerald Bergstrom; tackles, Ben Krupp and Chet Pinkham: guards, Stu Mount and David Ledyard; center, Bill Vernon; backs, Wes Curtis, Dick Fassio, Pinky Pedemonte and Bob Rittenhouse. Lightweights: ends, John Durkin and Art Medina; tackles, Eddie Smith and Eddie Dysle; guards, Chuck Yockey and Dom Azzaro; center, Bill Medina; backs. John Reis, Mal Macaulay, Dick Hackbarth and Sonny McGregor.

The season ended with a game against the Alumni. Headline: Alumni Whips All Stars 14-6 Before Full House. Macaulay Goes 77 yards For Lone SC Touchdown. The alumni scored first on a 21 yard run by Valine, one of the top former players at SCHS. The biggest play for the All Stars in the first half was a pass from Macaulay to Pedemonte picking up 23 yards. They picked up another first down, but then a 15 yard penalty and 18 yard loss on a pass attempt forced a punt. On the opening play of the second half, the All Stars brought the crowd to their feet on a sleeper play. Pedemonte took the kickoff on the 23 and raced to his left reversing the ball to Macaulay, who sprinted 77 yards untouched for the All Stars only score. One other big play of the second half was Macaulay’s 23 yard pass to Fassio.


In basketball SCHS played in the City league against local adults and military personnel stationed in the area. SCHS sent two teams to play twice a week in the City league and practiced three days. The first game ended up with a 43-25 loss to the Coast Guard. To start the game SCHS took a 6-0 lead on baskets by Julio Ghidinelli, Fassio and Macaulay. At half time the score was tied 11-11. The Guardsmen started the second half strong and took a 21-11 lead after three minutes. They continued to dominate the second half. The Guardsmen were too tall and ran off fast breaks for sucker shots under the basket. The sailors did a good job on Fassio holding him to 10 points.

Fassio and Macaulay are tied for the league scoring crown with 41 points part way through the season.

Harris Togs beat High School 25-23. Scoring for SCHS: forwards, Julio Ghidinelli 3, Malcom Macaulay 6; center, Dick Fassio 9; guards, Chet Pinkham 2, Bill Lidderdale 1. Subs; Kaney 2, John Fulmer, Wayne Lear and Bob Fassio 0.

Captain Dick Fassio closed his high school athletic career leading his Cardinals to a 39-24 win over the Boulder Creek cagers. Fassio scored 20 points, while his counter part for the mountain community, Lloyd Waters, another prolific scorer just back from Washington State, was held to six points by the magnificent job of guarding by Fassio. Julio Ghidinelli and Mal Macaulay were next in scoring with five apiece.

Headline: Dick Fassio plays final cage game. High school star to be in the army at Monterey Presidio Monday. One of the city’s greatest athletes, 19 this past December, curly headed Dick Fassio will be making his final appearance for the Cardinals tonight. An all around athlete, Fassio first won prominence here on the basketball court as a sophomore, when he broke onto the first string, breaking through a monopoly of seniors.

Led by captain, Dick Fassio and Mac Macaulay, SCHS upset Whites Cardinals 42-34 in the feature game, which was the most exiting game the local fans have seen all season. Fassio was magnificent in one of his last games for SCHS. Fassio played the most brilliant individual game in City league so far. Scoring 18 points himself. Fassio set up practically all of the high schools scores. He dominated the backboards, both offensively and defensively. He held the opponents ace scorer to two field goals. Fassio will probably be inducted into the army next week, but he gave the local fans their last glimpse of him as one of the best basketball players ever to come out of Santa Cruz.

After being behind 9-12 in the first quarter, the high schools Fassio, Macaulay and Kaney made some scores to tie it 18-18 at half. In the terrific third quarter, it was a back and forth game (will leave out the opponents names) Macaulay made a set shot. Then Fassio scored with a honey. Fassio again with a tip all the while the opponents were matching each basket plus and were ahead 24-29 at the end of the quarter. Back came Fassio, playing with four second string cagers. Fassio scored three baskets and a free throw to put his team ahead 31-29. Then little Mal Macaulay went wild, scoring three baskets in a row. Julio Ghidinelli made a free throw and Macaulay stole the ball to cinch the game 40-34. Julio Ghidinelli and Macaulay played nice games at forward for the high school.

Since the basketball season started six weeks ago, Fassio has sparked the high school cagers in their city league play. His first sport, basketball has always been his best. Fassio has an uncanny eye, plays top defensive ball, controls the play on both offensive and defensive backboards and rarely ever making a bad pass or a bad play.

Coaches throughout the CCAL and in the City league rank Fassio as on of the best basketball players ever to hit a basket in the Monterey Bay area, along with former stars like Bob DeWitt, Bill Foote, Andy Maranta, Ray Carpenter, Manuel Netto of Santa Cruz, Resetar of Watsonville, Pickens and Layer of Salinas and Latnos of Monterey.

There was a reason why Dick Fassio was inducted into the army at the Monterey Presidio. The Presidio has the strongest army team in Northern California. At the present time they are 12-1. Fassio will be teamed up with Chuck Hanger, University of California star, recently drafted at forward. Tony Franusich, former USF center, who is averaging 19 points a game and guards Al Fox, former All American with the Los Angeles Cliftons and Chapman an All State junior college player at Marin JC last year or Mitch Hoffman.


Ottilio Dogliotti has his picture sitting in his plane on the front page of the Trident. Ottilio is a former heavyweight football player and weight man on the track team. He is graduating soon from the Air Force Advanced Flying School.


Everyone is in one league for basketball and track. Football has five members this year, Hollister, Monterey, Carmel, Salinas and Santa Cruz. Everyone is playing basketball in one league. Baseball has only four teams playing in the league, Monterey, Carmel, Hollister and Santa Cruz. (League affiliations by divisions A and B and all as one changed year by year, it seems.)

Watsonville is not playing interscholastic sports this year. (Watsonville resumed playing 1945.)

Carmel entered the league as a CCAL member.

In the first season back after taking a year off the schedules were light, since gas rationing and the war continues.

Coaches: Merle Briggs, varsity football, basketball and baseball. Walter Wattenburg head track and assistant in football. Stevens, tennis.


“DREAM TEAM’ Santa Clara 6-0, Carmel 41-0. Practice record 2-0. League: Hollister 12-3, Salinas 12-0, Monterey 13-0, League record 3-0 Championship. Season 5-0

After 15 years of gridiron oblivion, SCHS came through with one of its greatest teams. It completely out classed all opponents on its five game schedule. Not a single team could put the ball across the Cardinal’s goal line. Hollister High booted a field goal for the only score registered against this “dream team”. The team drew good crowds up to 1,800 at games.

Eight of players were unanimously chosen ALL CCAL. The squad was well balanced with lots of power in the backfield as well as in the line. Santa Cruzans should well be proud of their powerful Cardinal machine, as it is a shining example of the will-to-win spirit that will hold many of these boys in good stead in the near future.

Starting linemen: ends, Larrecq and Elmer Fought; tackles, Jumbo Edwards and Ben Krupp; guards, Gino Pini and Ed Dysle; center, Medina. Backs were MacGregor, Clarence Twitchell, Len Noren, captain Bob Rittnhouse and Malcom Macaulay.

Other team members: Pinkham, Sachau, Scofield, Ray Hunter, Demos, Hickey, Fulton, Don Waltrip, Ledyard, Taylor and Vic Ghidinelli.

Len Noren averaged 7 yards per carry and had a quick kick go 62 yards to put Hollister in the hole. The longest run of the season was for 80 yards by Malcom Macaulay, who also had other long runs.

The Cards had a passing attack coming from different players. Macaulay to Ghidinelli, Hunter to Fought, Twitchell to Paugh for the final score of the season.

No lightweight football. Everyone on varsity.


League: Pacific Grove 26-12, Hollister 37-8, 32-19; Salinas 33-18, 20-23; Monterey 29-31, 19-31; Gonzales 28-33. League and season record 4-4, fourth place. Monterey and King City tied for the championship with 8-0 records.

Service ruins championship chances. At the end of the first half of league play, the high flying Cardinal’s were in second place. Their only loss had been to Monterey by three points. Four first stringers and a second stringer were lost to the service. The Cards lost three of the remaining four league games and fared just as badly in City league playoffs.

The team: Captain Elmer Fought, Ray Hunter, Len Noren, Ed Withrow, Calender, Don Waltrip, Hall, Taylor, Warren, Rausch, Randall and Melrose.

Len Noren was a honorable mention ALL CCAL player.


League: Pacific Grove 17-12, Hollister 40-19, 32-13; Salinas 21-25, 21-24; Monterey 20-16, 18-23; Gonzales 27-26. League and season 5-3 for third place behind Salinas 7-1 and Monterey 6-2.

Lightweight basketball was so close and yet so far! None of the defeats were by more than two or three baskets. The team was probably the smallest in the league, but led by Mal Macaulay’s brilliant playing were in the running until the last game. With three sophomores playing first team, next years team should be good.

Team members: captain, Malcom Macaulay, Henry Chin, Marv Gangloff, Rich Rampone, Antonetti, John Motta, Langrish, Berger, Jenkins and Muttersbach.

Malcom Macaulay was a unanamous choice for ALL CCAL, even though he graduated at mid term. Lloyd Antonetti was chosen for the second team.


Monterey 20-0, Hollister 3-1, 3-4; Carmel 0-0, Bellarmine 0-1. Season record 2-2-1. No real league this year. The Cards beat the local Coast Guard 2 out of 4 games.

There were not many high school teams to play, so games were held against city league and service teams. In one of these games John Davis and Dick Fassio teamed up to throw a no hitter.

Team members: Len Noren, ace pitcher; Ed Dysle, C; Ray Hunter, 1B; Bob Grossi, OF; Ed Withrow, SS; John Motta, 2B; Silva, Kirksey, LF; Bill Casalegno, RF; Smee, 2B; Don Waltrip, Darrow, LF; Carlson, Jumbo Edwards, Lloyd Antonetti, Taylor, 3B; Maitland, 2B and Jenkins.

This years comparatively “green team” with no seniors was sparked by a brilliant hurler, captain Len Noren, who in his first game threw a no hitter and struck out 18 batters against Monterey. Len continued with the strike outs in the rest of the games. In the first game against Hollister Len struck out 16, gave up only two hits, plus hitting a home run and a triple to win the game. In the return match he struck out 16 and gave up 4 hits, but 7 errors led to a loss, plus Hollister walked him 3 times so he could not beat them with his bat. Against Bellarmine Len struck out 12 and gave up 3 hits, (but his opponent Rigetti, who played in the major leagues and his son was an ace pitcher for the New York Yankees and later pitching coach for the San Francisco Giants,) threw a no hitter, struck out 11 and drove in the only run of the game. Bellarmine had a 12-2 record coming into the game. The have beaten top teams in NCS such as Mission of San Francisco, Redwood City and Los Gatos. Only losses to San Jose JC and Hayward.

The batting order for the win against Hollister. Withrow SS; Maitland 2B; Grossi LF; Noren P; Darrow RF; Dysle C; sub: Taylor C; Hunter 1B; Casalegno CF; Sub, Kirksey CF; Motta 3B. Hitters in this game:: Noren 2 for 3; Casalegno 1 for 1; Hunter 1 for 3.

Len dislikes books and school and wants to go pro in baseball, which he did getting a cup of coffee in the major leagues, even. He ended his baseball career playing first base for the San Francisco Seals and then as a minor league manager. A majority of his playing career was spent in the Triple AAA Pacific Coast league, which was the closes league right next to the majors.


At the CCAL meet the Cards took third place behind Salinas and Pacific Grove.
At the CCAL meet Ron Hall was a first place finisher winning the pole vault. Irwin Cardiff tied for first in the high jump.

Third place finishers were Bruce Baker in 440; Dick Rausch, mile; Mel Calender, 220 and the 880 relay team.

The only lightweight at the meet was Loren Inglos, who failed to place.

No one from CCAL entered the CIF meet.

Other team members: Lucas Campbell, Matovich, C. Hall, R. Hall, Ed Dysle, Roy Johnson, Hickey, Ledderdale, Ed Withrow, Skinner, John Motta, Browne, Wyatt, Wilhelm, Pulsey, Ditmars and Thorp.


members Robert Peterson, Ted Rausch, Dick Rausch, Kenny Melrose and Richard Rampone.

No golf this year.


Malcom Macaulay in four years of competition won 14 letters. Four in basketball, three in track and football, two in baseball and golf. While at Mission Hill he won 19 athletic awards in football, basketball, baseball, track, volleyball and horseshoes.

Len Noren averaged 7 yards per carry and had a quick kick go 62 yards to put Hollister in the hole. Baseball captain Len Noren, who in his first game threw a no hitter and struck out 18 batters against Monterey. Len continued with the strike outs in the rest of the games. In the first game against Hollister Len struck out 16, gave up only two hits, plus hitting a home run and a triple to win the game. In the return match he struck out 16 and gave up 4 hits, but 7 errors led to a loss, plus Hollister walked him 3 times so he could not beat them with his bat. Against Bellarmine Len struck out 12 and gave up 3 hits, Len dislikes books and school and wants to go pro in baseball, which he did getting a cup of coffee in the major leagues, even. He ended his baseball career playing first base for the San Francisco Seals and then as a minor league manager. A majority of his playing career was spent in the Triple AAA Pacific Coast league, which was the closes league right next to the majors.


Coaches: Merle Briggs, varsity football, basketball and baseball. Walter Wattenburg head track and assistant in football. Stevens, tennis.


Practice games: Los Gatos 0-0, Santa Clara 15-6, San Jose 6-25, Salinas JC 7-7. Practice record: 1-1-2. League: Salinas 14-12, Hollister 10-19, Carmel 33-0 and Monterey 13-13. League 2-1-1. Season 3-2-3

It was a successful season this year, winding up in a tie for second with Monterey at a 2-1-1 league record. Only loss was to the undefeated Hollister team after a good fight.

Starting lineup: ends, Roy Johnson, Wood and Silvio Azzaro; tackles, Jumbo Edwards and Al Demos; guards, Bill Casalegno, Silva and Whitney; center, George Miley; backs, Ray Hunter, Ed Withrow, Ed Dysle and Jerry Harn.

Some of the big plays during the season. Ed Withrow’s long runs. First game he had a 76 yard touchdown run. Against Salinas a 65 yard punt return and in Monterey game a 95 yard return for a touchdown. Ray Hunter was an excellent punter. Ray could also throw the ball as well, hooking up with Roy Johnson for good gains. Ed Dysle was a power on the ground driving for 83 yards against San Jose.

Four Cards made the ALL CCAL team: Ed Dysle, Roy Johnson, Ed Withrow and Alvin Demos.


had a down year scoring a total of 13 points for the whole season. Most of the offense came from the passing of Johnny Motta and Henry Chin. A box and occasionally a wing formation were used.

Starting lineup: ends, Talaio and Mori; tackles, Slaughter and Rich Rampone; guards, Wallach and Kirksey; center Millslagle; backs, John Motta, Marvin Gangloff, John Amin and Lawrence.



practice games: Santa Clara 19-28, 28-21; Los Gatos 36-24, 37-14; Pacific Grove lost, Campbell lost. Practice record: 3-3. League: Monterey 26-31, 18-25; Salinas 33-16, 36-18; Hollister 42-25, 47-7; Watsonville 24-20, 29-24. League record 6-2, second place. Season 9-5.

League standings: Monterey 9-1, Pacific Grove 7-1, Santa Cruz 6-2, Carmel 5-3, Watsonville 5-5, King City 4-4, Salinas 4-6, Gonzales 0-8, Hollister 0-10. Monterey won their second straight title by beating Pacific Grove during league play and having played more games. The CCAL officials voted against having an A and B league playoff this year.

Cards Defeat Wildcats 24-20. SC Changes offense. After scouting the Watsonville-Monterey game, the coach changed the Card offense and completely baffled the Wildcats during the first quarter. The Cards played exceptionally good ball, except for their shooting. They worked the ball well and their passing was the best it has been all season. The game was close all the way through. At half time the score was 12-11 in favor of SC. At the beginning of the second half Noren, Hunter and Withrow combined to score 10 points for a SC lead of 22-16 at the end of the third quarter. The last quarter, the Cards just kept possession of the ball by snapping it around, Withrow to Hunter to Silva to Johnson to Noren and around again, keeping the ball out of Watsonville’s reach. Len Noren’s shooting, passing and follow up were outstanding and he led the scorers with 10 points. Ray Hunter was close behind with 8. While not scoring many points, Roy Johnson played fine ball, especially in following up. Withrow and Silva were breaking up the Wildcat fast break and taking the ball off the back boards.

Monterey Trims Cards 25-18. Most of the game was played at a slow pace, but at the beginning of the second half the Cards moved fast, made good passes and scored five points in about two minutes. It put SC within two points, 13-15 and then things slowed down for the Cards again, as they only scored 3 points the rest of the game. Scoring: Withrow 8, Hunter 7, Silva 4, Noren 1, Johnson and Rampone 0.

Cardinals Beat Salinas 33-16. Hunter Leads SC with 14. At the end of the first quarter the score was 3 to 2 in Salinas’ favor. Then Hunter sank three nice shots followed by Noren and Johnson with one each, for a half time score of 12 to 5. Rich Rampone substituting for injured guard Ken Silva, really played good. Although he is short for heavyweight basketball, Ramp had good foot work. One time he dribbled down the length of the court and scored an easy dump shot, while Salinas looked on. Scoring: Hunter 14, Noren 8, Johnson and Taylor 4 each, Rampone 3, Larsen, Grossi, Thorn, Withrow and Miley 0.

Cardinals Defeat Haybalers 42-25. In a battle which seemed more like a football game than basketball, SC continued Hollister’s three year losing streak by defeating them 42-25. Hollister used a sort of half football, half basketball theory in their play and every few minutes there was a pile up on the floor. The Hollister boys were rough, but off the court they were a bunch of good “guys”. They took the SC players and fans to their cafeteria and gave them a big feed. Scoring: Noren 18, Hunter 10, Johnson 8, Withrow 3, Larsen 2, Miley 1, Grossi, Silva, Taylor and Rampone 0.

Hunter Leads Cards to Easy Victory over Santa Clara Panthers 28-21 in a rough game at the Civic. The Cards won their fifth straight game. This was a revenge game as the Panthers had beaten them earlier in the season. The Cards looked good the first half. Their passing was excellent and their shooting and defense good. The half time score was 22-8. The second half was a completely different story. During the entire second half, the Cards failed to make one ringer and were held to six free throws. Ray Hunter was hot the first half scoring 15 points over half the Cards final total for the game. Len Noren had 9. Between the both of them they scored 24 of the Cards 28 points. Most of Santa Clara’s points came on long set shots as the Card defense would not let them penetrate.

Watsonville Defeated. Santa Cruz Wins Final Game 29-24. A standing room crowd, with people above the back row of seats and in the door ways, plus others sitting on the stage. It was one of the largest basketball crowds in auditorium history. Watsonville could not pierce the SC defense and could not hit the ringer. It was not until the second quarter that a basket was made in the game. Ray Hunter broke fast for a set up in the hole for the first score. Len Noren scored three free throws and both Ed Withrow and Roy Johnson followed with ringers to give SC a 9-6 lead at half. The second half started off fast and the Cards held a 19-14 lead at the end of the third quarter. The last quarter ended with each team scoring 10 points for the final score SC 29-21. Scoring: Noren 11, Johnson 8, Withrow 6, Hunter 4, Silva, Rampone and Taylor 0.

After starting the season losing a close game to Monterey, the Cards finished strong winning six of the next seven games. The league record was 6-2 for second place in the A league. Monterey won the title with one loss. The important thing is the team beat Watsonville twice.

The team was paced by captain and team MVP, Len Noren, sophomores Ray Hunter and Roy Johnson, all normally in double figures scoring or close to it. Practically the whole team was over 6‘ tall. Len Noren at center; Ray Hunter and Roy Johnson at forwards; Silva and Wood at guards. First players off the bench, Rich Rampone and Doug Thorne.

Ray Hunter led the team in scoring with top games of 10 to 15 points. Len Noren had a top game of 18. Roy Johnson was in the 8 to 9 range.

In the yearbook: Captain Len Noren at center and Ray Hunter at forward were outstanding.

The Lions Club each year gives a trophy to the Most Valuable Player chosen by the team. This year they were presented to Len Noren for the varsity and Bernie Berger of the lightweights in front of a crowd of 1,350 at the auditorium at half time of a game between the Naval Hospital down by the Board Walk and the San Francisco Olympic Club.


Practice games: Santa Clara 22-23, Practice record 3-3. League: Salinas win by one, 18-37, Monterey 21-25, Hollister 23-9, 23-19; Watsonville 24-34, 15-40. League record 3-5 Season record 6-8. Could not find all the scores. The final records are what the Trident reported.

League standings: Watsonville 10-0, Pacific Grove 7-1, Salinas 7-3, Carmel 5-3, Monterey 5-5, Santa Cruz 3-5, Gonzales 2-6, King City 1-7 and Hollister 0-10.

Lightweights had a rough time, being the smallest team in the league. They were in there trying all the time and upset Salinas by one point early in the season. Watsonville was undefeated in league.

The big game of the year for the Cardlets was an upset win over second place Salinas by one point early in the season.

Cardlets 21, Monterey 25. The Cardlets started out slowly, scoring only 6 points in the first half.
Gangloff and Motta got hot near the end of the game, sinking some nice long shots, but they started too late to make up the low scoring first half. Scoring: Gangloff 8, Motta 6, Juhl 4, Hart 2, Berger 1, Kirksey and Silva 0.

Poor Hollister. They lost again 23-9. Santa Cruz held Hollister to no score during the entire first half and held Hollister to only two field goals in the second half. The first half score was 13-0. Scoring: Juhl 12, Gangloff 7, Ralston 2, Hart and Berger 1 each, Chin, Motta, Silva and Kirksey 0.

SC Cardlets lose to Salinas 18-37. From the beginning it was easy to see that the Cowbabes
were going to win as they had no trouble penetrating the Cardlet defense. The first quarter ended 4-11. Salinas was bigger and faster and controlled the backboards. Scoring: Juhl 9, Berger 4, Gangloff and Hart 2 each, Kirksey 1, Motta, Ralston, Silva, Chin and Blain 0.

Cadlets Lose Thriller. Santa Clara kept their 14 game win streak alive winning 23-22. John Motta started the game off fast for the Cardlets, when he scored 10 points the first period. John finished the game with 13 points over half of his teams score. If the Cardlets could have kept the pace they started with, they could have won the game.

Wildkittens Win 40-15. In the last game of the season, the Cardlets lost to a tall, fast and well balanced Wildkitten team, which made good shots, even though the Cardlets played very good ball in the 15-40 loss. John Motta led the team in scoring with 7.

The starting lineup: forwards, Marvin Gangloff and captain Bernard Berger; center, Wes Juhl; guards, John Motta and Charles Kirksey. Subs: Bill Hart, Ralston, Alvin Silva, Bill Troyer and Earl Blain.


undefeated league champions. Camp McQuaide 5-1. League: Monterey 11-0, 4-2; Watsonville 10-0, 4-2; Carmel 9-0, 16-0. League champs 6-0. Undefeated season 7-0. Salinas and Hollister did not compete this year.

Len Noren was an exceptional high school player. In the seven games this year he struck out an average of 13 batters a game, gave up 1.4 hits and 0.43 runs a game. His top strike out game was against Watsonville, when he struck out 19 out of 22 batters that faced him. It was his top strike out game. Only 3 players even touched the ball and only one was a base hit. Len was a hitter, who drove the ball hard. (He extended his stay in professional baseball by playing other positions to keep his bat in the lineup. He also managed in the minor leagues.)

Grossi’s Homer Wins Game For SC. Noren twirls one hitter. SC beats Monterey 4-2. Grossi’s homer in the sixth inning after taking two strikes, scored Noren who had doubled, putting the Cards ahead again 4-2. Monterey had scored two runs in the top half of the inning to tie the score 2-2. The Cards first scored in the second frame, when Grossi hit a double and scored when Martin hit a sharp single through second base. The other run was scored by Ed Withrow, who singled and advanced to second on an infield out. After going to third on a wild pitch, he scored when he slid in under the Toreadors catcher. Martin got two nice hits in a pinch. Grossi also had two hits.

Cards Defeat Padres. Noren Fans 16, Walks 2 and 2 hits. Martin, Noren and Harn each had 2 hits. Extra base hits: Noreen a triple and Harn had a double. Singles were by Obert, Casalegno, Grossi, Vomvolakis, Motta and Withrow.

Players: Ed Dysle C; Bob Grossi, another heavy hitter at 1B; John Motta and George Vomvolkis 2B; Ron Martin 3B; Roy Johnson SS; Outfielders Bill Casalegno CF; Ed Withrow RF; Smee LF; George Quadros, Obert and Jerry Harn. (most athletes at this time played on more than one team at a time in the Spring.)

The following members of the baseball team: Withrow, Johnson, Casalegno, Harn, Noren and Motta are part of the scorers on the track team.


In a four way meet: Santa Cruz 55, Salinas 44, Hollister 21 and Monterey 20.
In a three way meet with Pacific Grove and Monterey the heavyweights won with 39 points to the next team Pacific Grove 31. The next three way meet with Watsonville and Monterey, SC won again.

At the CCAL meet the scoring: Salinas 73, Pacific Grove 53, Hollister 41, SC 28, Monterey 23, Watsonville 11 and Gonzales 3. In the lightweight CCAL meet: Pacific Grove 79, Hollister 63, Salinas 31, Monterey 23, Gonzales 17, King City 9, Watsonville and Santa Cruz 3.

Part of the scorers on the team are also on the baseball team. They are Withrow, Johnson, Casalegno, Harn, Noren and Motta.

Scorers in a dual meet won by Pacific Grove by five points. In the absence of Roy Johnson, the team probable lost three first places as he would have been the favorite in the broad jump and both hurdles.
First place finishers: Jerry Harn in 220. Ed Withrow in 200 low hurdles, Parker Higgins in high hurdles, Len Noren in 440.
Second place finishers: Cassius Bly in 880, Jerry Johnson in broad jump. Gerry Harns in 100,
Third place finishers: Bob Millslagle in 880, Bob Thorp in pole vault, Ed Withrow in 100, Jumbo Edwards in discus, Jenkins in shot put.

Scoring at the CCAL meet. Ed Withrow finished first in 220 low hurdles 24.1 seconds.
Second place finishers Ron Hall in pole vault and Ted Ewald in mile.
Jerry Harn took third in 220.
Harry Jenkins, fourth in discus
Roy Johnson, fifth in high jump and broad jump

Other members who have been scoring in dual meets are: Len Wallach and Bill Casslegno in the mile; Bob Thorp in pole vault; Ed Dysle shot put; Jim Thoman in high jump and Jumbo Edwards in discus.

Lightweights CCAL meet Pacific Grove 79, Hollister 63 and SC 3 last.
CCAL placers were Kirchner fourth in high jump and Dick Nutter fifth in 440. Other members who score in the dual meets: Dash men, Henry Chin, Johnny Motta and Millslagle. Bill Trotts in hurdles. Earl Bland and Bob “Duke” McCullah in discus and shot put. McCullah also does the pole vault and high jump.

Lightweight in four way meet: Hollister 58, Salinas 31, Monterey 30, Santa Cruz 11.
Trotts took third in the 120 low hurdles and fourth in the 200 lows. John Motta took third in the 75 yard dash and third in the shot put. Others: Bill Trotts in hurdles; Earl Bland in shot put, discus and hurdles; Ron Hall in pole vault.


Beat Pacific Grove 6-1 and lost to Watsonville 1-6 and to Monterey. Sports contests were cancelled due to the Presidents death on 4/20/45.
Listed in ladder order, first man, second man, etc. First man plays first man on the other team, etc. First, Vernon Troyer; second, Rich Rampone; vying for third Bob Peterson and Henry Chin; the following fill in the rest of the spots in this order: Courtney Graham, Wes Juhl and James Toman.

No golf information


Len Noren was an exceptional high school player. In the seven games this year he struck out an average of 13 batters a game, gave up 1.4 hits and 0.43 runs a game. His top strike out game was against Watsonville, when he struck out 19 out of 22 batters that faced him. It was his top strike out game. Only 3 players even touched the ball and only one was a base hit. Len was a hitter, who drove the ball hard. He extended his stay in professional baseball by playing other positions to keep his bat in the lineup. He also managed in the minor leagues.
This year in a dual track meet with Pacific Grove he won the 440. He was captain of the football, basketball and baseball teams, plus running track, to make him a four sport man.


From the Trident. Headline “Baer Bears down in gym classes.” New coach Baer has brought new exercises for the gym classes. The accent has been put on sit ups and rope climb. The workouts have been strenuous and many fellows are strolling around with aching limbs.

Later, the boys gym classes rebelled against the physical training department a few weeks ago with the statement that the Physical training was too strenuous. Mr Sims, principal issued a statement last week supporting this claim. The tough obstacle course will no longer be necessary, since the cessation of hostilities makes such rigid training obsolete.

Actually coach Briggs has been teaching the physical training program since 1929 and is the person who set up the obstacle course to prepare SC boys to survive in the military during the war. Many boys, still today, talk about what the course did for them.

Watsonville is back in the league in everything, but football, which will start back up next year.

The league went back to the A and B league format. A league members are Monterey, Salinas, Hollister, Watsonville and Santa Cruz.

Coaches: New coach Roger Baer came on staff and coached football, lightweight basketball and track. Merle Briggs, varsity football, basketball and baseball. Walter Wattenburg head track and assistant in football. Stevens, tennis.


Santa Clara 14-0, Los Gatos 13-25. Practice record 1-1. League: Hollister 19-7, Salinas 0-6, Carmel win and Monterey 0-20. League 2-2 for third place and season 3-3.

Monterey and Salinas tied for the unofficial championship this year due to the fact that classes were not designated this year. King City normally a B league school went undefeated too, but did not play all the A league schools.

Plagued by injuries, sickness and lacking sufficient substitutes an excellent team was force to a humble 2-2 record in league.

The starting lineup: ends, Doug Thorne and Tom Cambridge a good blocker; tackles, Ben Stemmel, Rich Rampone and John Modolo; guards, Harold Thompson and Don Silva; center, George Miley; Backs, Ed Withrow a good broken field runner, Roy Johnson, Rich Rampone and Bob Thorpe. Other members of the team: Bob Alfonso, Bob Birchfield, Erwin, Finta, Greene, Grossi, Jenkins, Landre, Larsen, Motta, Lawrence, Leslie, McCambridge, Scaroni, Slaughter, Spitoni, Eric Street, Wayne Thorpe, Watson. The line averaged about 170 and the backfield 160.

Cards Win First Game 14-0 Over Santa Clara. In front of 4000 people, Ed Withrow scored on the third play of the game on a run over center for 57 yards. SC had some trick plays work. In punt formation, Johnson took the snap and instead of punting he passed to McCambridge, who caught it on the tips of his fingers for a touchdown. Johnson’s conversion went right down the middle. On the second touchdown Johnson leaped across the goal line, rather than going through the pile. Modolo was everywhere on defense, just like Demos last year. Birchfield, Bob Alfonso and Rampone played good.

Santa Cruz Defeats Hollister 19-7 After Grueling Battle. Ed Withrow tore up the Haybalers to make three touchdowns. Ed’s longest runs were for 45 and 23 yards. There was some question on whether he should have been given credit for another score. Roy Johnson converted one extra point. Out of the 240 yards gained by the Cards 230 were gained on the ground. Thorpe made several good punt returns and McCambridge led the interference for good gains. Miley with his new uppers in place after losing them in the Santa Clara game, now wears a mask.

Three ALL CCAL selections were Cardinals: Rich Rampone had more fight and team play than any other tackle. Don Silva was the best defensive guard and speedy back, Ed Withrow


had a losing season. Hollister 0-6 and Monterey 0-20. Only games with write ups.

Linemen: Faneuf, Millslagle, B Hart, Wes Juhl, Dick Nutter, Tony Gianotti, Kranich, Stanton, Harris and Ernie King. Backs, Henry Chin, Don Hart, Amin, McCullah, Meme and Colley.

Monterey Takes The Cardlets In A Close Grid Battle 0-20. Late in the second quarter the Cardlets made a 70 yard drive, but were stopped on the 25 and lost the ball on downs. Two passes and an end run sparked the drive with Millslagle packing the ball. A 15 yard pass to Juhl , then another to Millslagle for 15 yards ended the forward progress.


Practice games: Los Gatos 26-48, Fremont 40-19, 31-21; Santa Clara 39-20. Practice record 3-1. League: Hollister 23-24, 38-30; Salinas 32-38, 26-25; Watsonville 26-33, 31-43; Monterey 20-31, 22-29. League record 2-6, third. Season 5-7. Watsonville champion.

The playing rotation: Don Silva, Roy Johnson, Ed Withrow, Rich Rampone, Ted Winterhalder, Eric Street, Marvin Gangloff, Dave Larsen, and Bert Norton.

Cards Win First Game 40-19 against Fremont. This victory did not mean much, but it helped the morale of the team plenty. Silva sank a 25 foot shot and Norton got away down court to snare the ball on long passes for some sneak shots scoring 7 points. Johnson was high point man with 12. Withrow, Rampone and Winterhalder got four apiece.

Free Throw Wins Game Before 1250 screaming people at the Civic, Roy Johnson calmly dropped in a free throw for the winning point in the most exciting game here this season. Santa Cruz took the lead in the first and fell behind a little in the second and third. As the fourth quarter started the Cards trailed 17-19. Johnson started the quarter with a free throw and Rampone followed with another to tie the score. Norton made a nice set shot for the lead. Eric Street scored and Salinas countered. With three minutes to go Salinas scored to tie 25-25. Johnson made his free throw and the crowd went wild, but the game was not over. A technical foul was called against the Cards. Salinas shot and missed to give the Cards their first league win 26-25.

Roy Johnson was selected ALL CCAL.


Practice games: Los Gatos 19-27, Santa Clara 14-31, Fremont 27-26, 36-21. Practice record: 2-2. League: Hollister 27-22, 31-17; Watsonville 29-13, 27-18; Salinas 28-33, 34-20; Monterey 21-23, 24-23. League record 6-2 co-champions with Salinas, Season 8-4.

The Cardlets improved rapidly from an inexperienced team to a fast passing, high scoring outfit. The playing rotation: Wes Juhl, George Vomvolakis, Bob Talio, John Motta, John Amin, Jim Van Houten, Darrell Kirchner and Robert Millslagle.

Cardlets Beat Fremont In Fast Game 27-26. Before nine hundred cheering fans at the Civic Auditorium the Cardlets grabbed a big lead early capitalizing on a fast breaking offense and then fell to pieces. With one minute left the score was tied 25-25, a Fremont player scored on a foul shot. With seconds left, Wes Juhl made a 30 foot basket to win the game.

Cardlets Beat Toreababes By One Point at Monterey. John Motta scored 14 out of the Cardlets 24 points. John Amin was next in scoring. Wes Juhl went out with a sprained ankle, which hurt the team.

Cardlets Tie For CCAL Championship, Twelve hundred people gathered at the Watsonville gym to witness the rivalry games between two old foes. The last and most decisive game was played against the Wildkittens and won 29-13. The first half slipped by quickly with the Cardlets setting a fast pace. The game was still balanced up to the end of the half. Nothing much needed to be said for everybody knew what this game meant. The winner had a chaance to win the league. In the third quarter the Cardlets lengthened the lead a little, but at the last, they really opened up.

John Motta and Wes Juhl were selected ALL CCAL


San Jose 3-10, Hollister 1-2. Salinas 3-4, Watsonville 5-6. league record was 0-3 and season 0-4.

Lost to Hollister there in first league game 1-2. Both teams were hurt by errors. The field was very small and rocky. The outfielders played across the road and had to watch the ball with one eye and the cars with the other. All three league games were lost by one run. Ron Martin did a commendable job on the mound keeping the team in the game with good control.

Usual batting order/ lineup: Ron Martin P; John Motta 2B; Roy Johnson SS; Finta CF; Bob Grossi 1B; Obert LF; Nutter RF; Norton 3B; Gianotti C. Others: Don Waldemar, Affonso, Nutter, George Quadros


Out of the nine schools at the CCAL meet, the varsity or heavyweights took fourth and the lightweights or limited squad was eighth at Hollister. The heavyweight/ varsity scoring: Hollister 62, Salinas 45, Pacific Grove 37, SC 29. Lightweight scoring: Gonzales 60, PG 51, Hollister 41, King City 31, Salinas 17, Watsonville 15, Carmel 13, SC 9, Monterey 8.

Sentinel May 12. Card Trackmen Place Fourth In CCAL Meet out of nine CCAL schools competing. The heavyweight/ varsity scoring: Hollister 62, Salinas 45, Pacific Grove 37, SC 29, (the next five teams are just listed without scoring amount) Gonzales, Monterey, Watsonville, King City and Carmel. Harry Jenkins, the brilliant SC discus man, threw the platter 118-6 to capture first place. Ray Kranich placed third in the 220/furlong at a 22.3 clip and he did the 100/century in 10.2 for fourth place. Cass Bly placed fourth in the quarter mile/440. Ronald Hall, whose best pole vault this year has been 11-10, tied for first with a vault of 11-8. Thorp place fifth in the pole vault. Winterhalder took fourth in the mile.
Lightweight scoring: Gonzales 60, PG 51, Hollister 41, King City 31, Salinas 17, Watsonville 15, Carmel 13, SC 9, Monterey 8. The Cards relay team took fourth in 46.8. In the high jump, McCambridge grabbed third and Trotts tied for fifth and he also place fifth in the 110 low hurdles. Nutter placed fourth in the 330 in 39 flat.

It Is SC’s first post war meet, a three way meet between CCAL “A” division teams, the
scoring for the heavyweights was Hollister 69, Santa Cruz 48, Watsonville 24. First place finishers: Ray Kranich, the 100 in 10.5 and 220 in 23.8; Ronald Hall the pole vault clearing 11’3”; Earl Blain the high jump at 5’1”. Second place finishers: Stanton 880; Winterholder mile; Roy Johnson, 200 low hurdles; Thorp the pole vault and Jenkins the discus.
Lightweights scoring Hollister 74, Watsonville 49, Santa Cruz 18. Individual second place finishers: Bergen in the 330 in 40.6; Trotts in the 120 low hurdles and the 440 relay team. Third place finishers were Van Houton in the pole vault and Foster in broad jump.

At the Hollister Invitational, before 3000 fans in the first post war night track meet with schools from all over the state and under cold conditions that did not help times and field event men. SC placed sixth. Ronald Hall tied with three others for first place in the pole vault. The relay team was fouled, but still came in third.

The following are winners at the dual meet with Watsonville. Winners were Ray Kranich in 100 and 220; Cass Bly 440; Delucchi 880; Roy Johnson both the high and low hurdles; Tom McCambridge high jump; Ron Hall pole vault; Harry Jenkins discus; Bob Millslagle, Roy Johnson, Cass Bly and Ray Kranich the 880 relay.
Lightweight winners of the 440 relay: Nutter, Joe Meme, Bill Trotts and Bergen.
Other members: Bob Thorp, Wayne Thorp. Bill Walker, Dick Nutter, Fonta, Getts Fox, Bill Welhausen, Ditmars, DeLucchi, Scoroni, Morton Fox and freshmen for Mission Hill: Bob Henkey, Don Dickson and Stocky Sommers.


matches Salinas 6-1, Monterey 0-5. Watsonville 7-4 and Pacific Grove 7-0
Players listed in order of play. Number one singles Bud Troyer, Henry Chin, Rich Rampone, Peterson, Duckering, Wes Juhl and doubles team Payne and Wright.


Ed Dysle, who graduated last year received a scholarship at University of Nevada and played most of the football game against St. Marys.

Harry “Jumbo” Edwards has played in the first two games as a tackle for the University of Oregon. Harry is now down to 230 pounds.

1946 city league winners, the American Legion team were given gold basketballs for the first time it had ever been done by the league. The surplus in the league treasury was $2000, the most successful year in the leagues 25 year history. Most of the players were former SCHS grads. Manuel Netto, Emmett Thompson, Ben Holsey, John Righetti, John Paul Juhl, Fred Juhl, Jerry Stanley, Sam McNeely, Overton Cheadle and Tom Reilly.


There were 866 students enroll at SCHS. Some are veterans coming back to get their diplomas. They can easily be distinguished by their sincerity toward their school work.

(This years local paper sports section does not have write ups explaining game action with who was involved. What you see on the screen comes from the stories in the Trident)

Coaches: Roger Baer varsity football and track and lightweight basketball. New coach Franklin Lindeburg, varsity basketball and baseball and assistant football. Stevens, tennis. Colwell, golf.


Practice game: Santa Clara 6-13, Mountain View 6-20. Practice record 0-2. League: Hollister 7-6, Salinas 6-19, Watsonville 0-6, Monterey 0-30. league record 1-3, fourth. Season 1-5.

Starting lineup: ends, Wes Juhl, Eric Street and Jack Burkett; tackles, Dudley Hill, Anderson and Tom Campbell; guards, Wayne Thorp and David Orr; center, Dick Leslie; backs, Bill Walker, Bob Birchfield, captain, Bob Thorp and Roy Johnson. Seeing plenty of action: Perez, Faneuf, Dick Dietz, Nutter, Kranich, W. Thorp, Spitoni, Finta, Odom, McCrary, Graham, Kenny, McKimm, Gai, Dick Dietz, Scaroni, Stanton, King, Sweeney and Pedemonte.

In the loss to Santa Clara, Roy Johnson ran back a kick off 85 yards for the only SC score with the help of blocking from every man on the team.

Wildcats edges out Cards 6-0. The Wildcats had all the breaks all the way through the game, which set up their touchdown. No matter how good a team may be, they can not beat their opponent if the luck is against them. Even though they lost, They played hard. It was close and thrilling, right to the last.

Tailback Roy Johnson was chosen ALL CCAL. Roy was an ALL CCAL end as a sophomore two years ago.


Practice scores: Santa Clara 0-12, Mountain View 26-12. Practice record 1-1. League: Hollister 19-0, Salinas 0-6, Watsonville 13-0, Monterey 9-13. league record 2-2, third place. Season 3-3.

Starting lineup: ends, George Vomvolakis, Bob Tolaio and Terry McCambridge; tackles, Dean Fidel and Robert Gill; guards, Bill Trotts and Don Waldemar; center, Larry Evans; backs, Stockton Sommer, Duke McCullah team MVP, Henry Chin, Bill Fairhurst, Wagner and Joe Meme. Seeing plenty of action: Anecito, Van Houten, Hill, Root and Bergen. Others: Graziani, Warner, Monnally, Brumbley, Watts, Gittens, McPherson, Root, Hope, McDowell, Kindley, Blan, McGray, Hill, Johnson, Espinosa, Lee, Bergen, Rickard, Gould, Thomas, Parke, West, Tichie, Hamber, Adams.

In a tight game, Cardlets lose to Monterey 9-13. The first Monterey score was the result of a blocked SC punt into the SC end zone that was recovered by Monterey for a score. The Cardlets first score came when Terry McCambridge blocked a Monterey punt into the Monterey end zone and again Monterey recovered to give SC two points for a safety. (If SC would have recovered it would make it a touchdown). After a few plays, once again Monterey blocked a punt for a score and added a conversion to make the score 2-13. The Cardlets gathered speed and drove for a touchdown and a conversion to make the final score 9-13. Every fellow was in there fighting for blood and deserves a lot of credit and praise for a job well done.

George Vomvolakis, end; Bill Trotts, guard and Henry Chin, half back were selected ALL CCAL.

The Junior varsity “Wonder squad of the year” went undefeated and what is more remarkable is unscored on. They did not play any other JV teams. Oh no that would be too easy. They played varsity teams of other smaller schools. The team members were Coe, Huxtable, S. Johnson and D. Johnson, Perez, Stanton, Young, Rickard, Dietz, Odom, Perrigo, Forester, Dickson and Bly.


Cheer leaders: Barbara Allen, Gordon McEdwards and Diann Miller want to give students a chance to display real school spirit with specially designed yells and the help of the school band. They have set up an area for an official rooting section to accommodate 250 students, band members and players for all games home and away. For away games buses will be provided with a fare of .35 to Watsonville, .75 to Monterey and Pacific Grove and .50 to Salinas.

Each rooter will receive a megaphone and a Boosters club card to identify themselves to a letterman society member, who will guard the section. Pep rallies will be held in the auditorium every Friday, when there is a game, during the last 20 minutes of sixth period.


Practice games: Los Gatos 43-27, Lincoln 26-46, San Jose 19-42, Fremont 36-34, Galileo 36-21, San Jose Tech 31-30. Practice record: 4-2. League: Hollister 45-50. 48-43; Watsonville 26-42, 29-45; Salinas 34-32, 35-36; Monterey 36-35, 34-34. Tie rule at this time. If the score is tied after two 3 minute overtimes and neither team scores, the game stays a tie and each team gets half a win. The same thing happened with the same two schools in lightweights in 1940. League record of 3-4-1 for third place. (In practice games, according to the Trident, their practice record was 5-4 making the) season record of 8-8-1. (For the records will go with the Trident as there are pages with missing information and evidently games were played.)

Starting lineups: Third year first stringer, Roy Johnson. Wes Juhl up from the championship lightweight team and their leading scorer. Second year first stringers, Eric Street and Ted Winterhalder. Marvin Glaum, Don Dickson, and Albert Giraudo gained valuable experience last year as second teamers. Other players: Wayne Thorp, Eugene Pedemonte, Bob Tolaio, Leslie Mount, Jim Huxtable, Howard Watts and Henry Ilgenstein.

Wes Juhl a Cardlet star for two years started out his varsity career on high note with a 20 point game. Wes continued scoring in double figures for the rest of the season.

Cards upset Hollister 48-43. The Cards showed them the spirit that an underestimated team can have. The Cards showed expert ball handling and skill in making their field goals and free throws that could not be seen at just any basketball game. Although Hollister managed to take the lead from time to time, they found that it was hard to hang onto it, because those Cards were out for a victory. The game was one of the highest scoring games in a long time with 91 total points scored. Scoring: Juhl 16, Winterhalder 12, Street 9, Johnson 7, Giraudo 4, Pedemonte and Thorp 0.

Cards Come Through Against Monterey 36-35. Juhl, Street and Johnson worked a fast break in the first half, which had the Monterey team baffled for sometime. At the end of the half the Cards led 18-17. The Toreadors went ahead 29-27 at the end of the third quarter. Later in the fourth quarter, Monterey went ahead 32-31. With 15 seconds to play, Johnson sank a free throw to tie the score. At the start of overtime, Johnson sank a sucker shot to put the Cards ahead, only to have Monterey tie the score again. Winterhalder on a pivot shot, put the Cards ahead. With 55 seconds left, Monterey made only one of two free throws, which left the Cards out in front 36-35. From that time on the Cards froze the ball until the game ended. Scoring: Juhl 17, Johnson 9, Street 5, Winterhalder 3, Giraudo 2, Pedemonte, Tolaio, Dickson, Thorp and Perez 0.

League total points by individual and position: Juhl 80, F; Winterhalder 60, F; Street 54, C; Johnson 51, G; Giraudo 18, G; Pedemonte 12, F; Tolaio 8, F; Dickson 5, C; Thorp 1, G.

Roy Johnson and Wes Juhl were chosen ALL CCAL


practice games: Santa Clara 39-20, Lincoln 17-23, San Jose 20-24, Fremont 21-34, Los Gatos 39-20, Galileo 29-28, San Jose Tech 26-11. Practice record: 4-3. League: Hollister 25-19, 16-18; Monterey loss, 20-23; Salinas 25-23, win; Watsonville 22-30, 34-21, For a 4-4 record in league. Season record 11-8 according to the Trident. The above has some games missing as it shows a 8-7 record.

Starters came from the following George Vomvolakis, Jack Alzina the leading scorer, Ron Hindley, Terry McCambridge, Henry Chin, Bill Hart and Jim Van Houten. Subs: Freddie Moro, Bill Trotts, Lou Bertorelli, Bill Phillips and Eddie Root.

Cardlets Beat Hollister 25-19. the Cardlets led all through the game. At the end of the first quarter the score was a remarkable SC 3-2. The second quarter it picked up a little to 10-9. Third quarter it was 16-13. To the final score 25-19. Bill Hart, the three year letterman center, showed his skill as a good ball handler and at scoring. He was high point man with 7 points. Seniors, George Vomvolakis a two year letterman and Jack Alzina both scored 5 points. Others who played and scored two points: Chin, Van Houten, McCambridge and Hindley. And Bertorelli 0 points.

Cardlets Bounce Wildkittens 34-21. The big game of the year was beating the league champions Watsonville handedly to end the season on a high note. They controlled the court with the perfection of professionals from beginning to end. The Cardlets controlled the court from beginning to the end. They only allowed the Wildkittens two baskets in the first half. Scoring: Alzina 13, Hindley 9, Vomvolakis 6, Bertorelli 4,Van Houten 2, Root, McCambridge and Moro 0.

League total points by individual: Alzina 67, Hindley 25, Hart 22, Vomvolakis 20, Van Houten 17, McCambridge 15, Chin 14, Bertorelli 6 and Moro 1.

George Vomvolakis and Jack Alzina were chosen ALL CCAL

Starting Line ups of each CCAL school pick an All Opponent Team.
At the conference of CCAL high school officers at Salinas last month, Watsonville proposed a plan in which each school in the CCAL, A and B leagues, have their starting line ups pick the best 5 players on the opposing league teams. Who would then make up an ALL OPPONENTS ALL CCAL TEAM. The group representing publications decided to go ahead with the selections and give them publicity.

The thought was who would know better than the players themselves, what players gave them the most competition. It would be a team that really deserves the honor. Surprisingly the results were not far off from the sportswriters selections, especially with Wes and Roy being voted in by the players and sports writers. All league schools except Salinas in the A league and Carmel in the B league followed through. Four out of the five schools in A league voted giving a total of 20 possible votes for A league candidates.

The results for heavyweights, FIRST TEAM in order of name, school and number of votes.
Tom Dufour, Watsonville, 13
Norm Lien, Watsonville, 11
Pierce, Hollister, 10
Wes Juhl, Santa Cruz, 9
Roy Johnson, Santa Cruz 9

SECOND TEAM none from Santa Cruz. Honorable mention, those who received votes from Santa Cruz: Eric Street and Ted Winterhalder

Results for Lightweight, FIRST TEAM
Jack Alzina, Santa Cruz, 13
Ken Kusumoto, Watsonville, 13
George Dujmovich, Watsonville, 9
Flores, Monterey, 9
Yenez, Hollister, 9

Second team from Santa Cruz only: Ron Hindley. 5
Honorable mention from SC only: Bill Hart, Terry McCambridge and Jim Van Houten.


Santa Cruz tied with Pacific Grove for the CCAL title. Twenty six men participated this year and they had the best record in a long time.

All Trident articles. Cas Bly was 6’2” at 160 pounds will be going to Stanford to continue his track career.

Junior Ted Wittwer 5’6” and 130 pounds will be back next year to beat his times that have gotten him to State.

This has been one of the top performances ever for a SCHS heavyweight team. There have been more points scored by individuals, but none we know of for the whole team. For winning the league, all letter winners also received a gold track shoe, which they can all proudly show off, as they deserve a lot of credit for doing such a splendid job of winning the ’47 CCAL Championship.

Best record ever in track was the 1942 lightweight team which won both the NCS and STATE championships.
At NCS Cassius Bly took second in the 440. Lightweight, Ted Wittwer was second in the 1320. Both Cassius and Ted qualified to advance to the STATE meet in Visalia.

Lightweights who qualified for NCS through the CCAL meet were Al Wright first place finisher in record breaking time 660; Ted Wittwer first in 1320; Bob Bly third in 330 and Jim Van Houten third in the pole vault.

The first placers in the CCAL meet were: Cassius Bly in the 440; Roy Johnson in the high hurdles and the relay team consisted of David Orr, Gene Crowley or Bill Walker, Ray Kranich and Cas Bly. Second place finishers were: Jack Burkett in the high hurdles; Gene Crowley in the 440; Jack Stagnaro in the high jump; Ray Kranich in the 100 and 220. Third place was Marvin Glaum in the discus. Fourth place finishers were: David Orr in the 440; Bill Walker in the 100 and 220. The first through third place winners at the CCAL meet qualified to participate in the NCS meet at Berkeley.

May 25. Card Runners Set Record At Modesto Relays. SC’s terrific and undefeated mile relay team set the a new Modesto Relays record for the high school mile, when it defeated all high school competition in the last event of the evening. Ray Franich, Tex Orr, Gene Cowley and Cassius Bly, ran the mile relay in 3:32.5 for a new relays record. SC , who previously had won the mile relay at the Burlingame Relays and later the Hollister relays, won the event out of a field of 12 squads. In winning the event, the Cards finished fourth in the high school division, won by Compton with 34 points, followed by Inglewood, Modesto and SC. The Cardinals won gold belt buckles for winning the race.

The Cards came in second at the prestige’s Hollister Invitational, which brings in schools from a far. Hollister won with 41 points and SC scored 29. In this meet Jack Stagnaro stretched a 20’9 mark to break previous broad jump records. The relay team of David Orr, Gene Crowley, Ray Kranich and Cas Bly ran the mile relay in 3:34.2 to set a record. They won by 25 yards over their nearness competition.

Cards Win Over Salinas Track Team, 69-44. In the dual meet the heavyweights won 10 first places out of 13 possible. The top scorer was Roy Johnson, who won three first places by taking both hurdles and the pole vault. Other winners were Bill Walker in the 100 yard dash; Bly is still undefeated in the 440; Ray Kranich in 220; Jack Stagnaro in broad jump; Glaum in shot put; Trotts in high jump and the relay team is still undefeated. Second place finishers: Wes Stanton in 880; Orr in 440; Colwey in 220; Burkett in 180 low hurdles; Scaroni in shot put; Third place finishers: Jack Burkett in 120 high hurdles and high jump; Deluchi in 880; Kranich in 100; Wildemar in mile;
For the lightweights there were only three first places taken: Bob Bly in 330; Wright in 660; and Van Houten in pole vault. All three of these fellows are undefeated. The Cardlets took quite a beating, but kept on fighting all the time. Salinas 90 and SC 23.
Second place finishers: Ted Wittwer in 1320; third place finishers: Tyree in 75 yard dash and the 150; Johnson 110 low hurdles; Anecito in pole vault; Hendrickson in broad jump.

Other heavyweight team members who score points at the dual meets: Jack Cross, Wayne Thorp, Herb Scaroni, Paul McBride, Gerald Kinley, Dudley Hill, Don Waldemar, Wes Stanton, Bill Kirby, Bob Birchfield, David Delucchi, Larry Warner, Bill Trotts, Winterhalder and Joe Meme.
Other lightweight members: Cliff Tyree, Leroy Palmer, Tony Anecito, Pete Hendrickson, Bill McIntyre, Leroy Huggins, Bruce Gettys Don Dakan and Carl Nunes.


Practice games: Campbell 8-11, Bellarmine 8-35, Fremont 11-7, Santa Clara 1-0. Practice record 2-2. League: Hollister 10-5, 13-4; Monterey 4-5, 0-3; Watsonville 1-2, 3-6 Salinas 5-9, 2-4; League record 2-6. Season 4-8.

Starting line up: Richard Forrester C, 125; Dick Dietz RF, 222; Dick Nutter CF, 235; Roy Martin P, 085; Dick Finta 2B, 280; Roy Johnson SS, 280; Eugene Pedemonte LF, 157; Albert Giraudo 3B, 250; Don Faneuf, OF, 166; George Quadros 1B, 347. Sophomore Joe Alberti, form Davenport, came on later in the year and took over as the lead off batter and played in the outfield.

Other players: Don Waldemar, Ron Hindley, Leslie Mount, James Bias, Ron Perrigo, Louie Bertorelli, Bob Birchfield, Ken Yoder, Dan Daniels, Frank Brumley, Harold Ward, Terry McCambridge and Gilbert Silva.

Roy Martin pitched well enough to win more games, but it was not to be. The most hits he gave up were 8 with some games he gave up only 2 hits. Team errors were a big problem for the team. Roy is following in the foot steps of many good pitchers at SC. Roy and the team ended the season with some good games. One being a 1-0 eleven inning loss against Santa Clara, pitched all the way by Roy.

In a 3-6 loss to Watsonville, the Cards scored first on Al Giraudo’s double to drive in a run and held it to the third when, Watsonville scored three. In the sixth, SC tied the score on Dick Finta’s home run, which drove in another run. In the seventh the Cats scored three to win the game. During this three run rally, Roy Johnson made a beauty of a double play unassisted, but the Cards were unable to stem the tide. Ray Martin pitched one of his best games, as he allowed only 8 hits, one walk and struck out five. Batting order: Nutter CF; Martin P; Finta 2B; Johnson SS; Pedemonte LF; Giraudo 3B; Quadros 1B; Dietz RF; Forester C. Quadros had two hits. Finta, Pedemonte, Giraudo and Dietz each had a hit.

Cards Edged Out By Monterey. Unable to overcome an early Monterey lead of four runs, the Cards went down to a 4-5 defeat. Pitching a four hit game, Martin fanned one man, but allowed six walks. The Cards scored twice in the second inning, when Dietz walked, Foerster singled, Martin sacrificed and Nutter drove in two runs with a single. Gene Pedemonte scored on Giraudo’s single in the fourth. The Cards tied up the game in the seventh inning, when Martin scored on another single by Nutter. The batting order and position: Nutter CF; Quadros 1B; Finta 2B; Johnson SS; Pedemonte LF; Giraudo 3B; Dietz RF; Foerster C; Martin P. Nutter went 3 for 4, plus driving in 2 runs. Pedemonte, Forester and Giraudo each had a hit.


team lost a match to Salinas, which does not normally happen. Team ended up with a 2-3 league record. The expectation for the season was higher as there were returnees from last year. Most of the team also played golf, just as many baseball players also participate in track. (During this period of time many players doubled up on teams. There are a few like Malcolm Macaulay in the early forties, who did three baseball, track and golf in the Spring and was good in all of them.

Vernon Troyer was first man in tennis as well as golf. Dan Duckering made it to the league semifinals. Other team members: Allen Gove, Jack Payne, Don Yee and David Stade.
For the league final match, scheduled for the same time as the golf final, most of the team opted for golf instead.


went 4-1 in league. Team members: Vernon “Bud” Troyer took first place at the CCAL league meet and Leo Amaya was fourth. Other team members: Jack Payne, David Stade, Dan Duckering, Faneuf, Don and James McPherson.

Jean Stagnaro was elected president and Consuelo Yee, secretary-treasurer of the GAA, the girl’s athletic association.


Roy Johnson as a sophomore was ALL CCAL on the contending 1945 football team. 1946 ALL CCAL in basketball. In baseball played short stop on the undefeated 1945 team. Many of the baseball players also competed in track also. Roy won the high hurdles in the 1947 CCAL meet, which qualified him to go to the NCS championship meet.

1947 George Vomvolakis played and started in lightweight football and basketball for 3 years each. Played baseball for 3 years. All CCAL in football and basketball in 1947. In 1949 he played basketball for the 4th Air Force team at Camp Mc Chord, WA.

1947 Jack Alzina was ALL CCAL in lightweight basketball. Went on to play in the service and at Whitworth College in Washington. Jack coached lightweight basketball for ten years and varsity for two at SCHS and then to Soquel as varsity coach.

1947 Cassius Bly 6’2” 160 pounds is going to Stanford. At NCS Bly was second in the 440 qualifying him for the STATE meet in Visalia.

1947 Sophomore, Ted Wittwer 5’6” 130 pounds took second in the lightweight 1320 at NCS qualifying him for the STATE meet at Visalia. In 1949 he made the NCS and STATE meets in Berkeley.

The 1947 the track team took a fourth at the prestige’s Modesto Relays. The mile relay team of Ray Kranich, Gene Crowley, Davie “Tex” Orr and anchor Cassius Bly beat the school record with a 3:32.5 finish.

There are a few like Malcolm Macaulay in the early forties, who did three in the Spring: baseball, track and golf and was good in all of them. (In response to problems with golf and tennis players not being able to cover the matches. In an earlier time, there were not so many matches and games.)



Hats Off To You, Students. The school spirit was really tops and sportsmanship was even better. We should be proud of our teams for their work during the season. It takes many strenuous workouts and practice to make a wining team such as ours. Hats off to the cheer leaders for their splendid work. Could not have been a better job. Let’s keep up the fine school spirit and enthusiasm in the coming basketball season.

Hats off to local druggist, county coroner and alumnus, Walter Bettencourt, who donated his public address system and much of his time to announce all of the games played at Memorial Field this year.

Coaches: Roger Baer varsity football and track and lightweight basketball. Franklin Lindeburg, varsity basketball and baseball and assistant football. Stevens, tennis.


Practice scores: Santa Clara 19-6, Mountain View 26-6 Practice record 2-0. League: Hollister 9-0, Salinas 13-2, Watsonville 0-19, Monterey 7-39. League record 2-2, third place. Season 4-2. League standings: Monterey 4-0, Watsonville 3-1, Santa Cruz 2-2, Salinas 1-3, Hollister 0-4.

The Cards had one of their best seasons, since 1944 when they took the CCAL championship.

This is an explanation of the code to signify what year of experience the players have. This is at least the second season on the team for all the starters, so there is no need to put a star after every name. If there is a ** behind their name it means they have won two letters already. *** stands for three letters or this is their fourth year playing football.
Starting lineup: ends, Marvin Rickard was very fast, Gene Pedemonte** and Ron Hindley very tricky and good pass receivers.
Tackles, Ron Perrigo very good on offense and defense, and Wayne Thorp** outstanding on defense and an excellent punter.
Guards, Dave “Tex” Orr very good at pulling and leading wide plays, plus being rugged on defense and captain Wes Stanton *** carried a go-get-um attitude into each game, causing much damage to enemy plays.
Center, Norman Sweeney** “The Alaskan Kid“ always got the ball to the quarterback and punter without question.
Quarterback, Richard Foerster in the last game of the season used every play in the book including the guard around with guard Tex Orr carrying the ball around end.
Half backs Bill Walker**leading runner and scorer was superb on line bucks, broken field running and defense; Ray Kranich*** made a number of spectacular runs.
Fullback, Don Dickson** ran both inside and outside with equally good results.

Against Santa Clara in the first game of the season in a 19-6 win an unusual play occurred. Tackle, Dick Wilson intercepted a pass on Santa Clara’s 18 yard line and carried it to the 12, where he lateraled to fellow tackle Ron Perrigo, who ran to the 8 yard line. Normally linemen do not get to run with the football, especially two of them on the same play. All ended well as Bill Walker ran it in for a touchdown on the next play. Bill made spectacular runs all night and ran for another touchdown.

In the 7-39 loss to Monterey, the Cards evened the score part way through the second quarter on a pass from Foerster to Hindley in the end zone. Sommers passed to Pedemonte for the extra point. By the end of the half the score was 7-20.

In the last game of the year the Cards beat Mountain View 26-12. Bill Walker provided the scoring punch with three touchdowns in the final quarter for the win. In the first quarter, Dick Foerster tossed a beautiful 55 yard pass to Ron Hindley, who made one of the best catches of the season. Stocky Sommers kick split the up rights for the extra point. Santa Cruz 7-0. At half the score was 12-7 Mountain View. In the fourth quarter the Cards went wild. Sommers passed to Gene Pedemonte who ran to the 20. On two running plays, Walker slashed down to the 5 yard line and then on the next play plunged it in for the score. Summers passed to Pedemonte for the extra point and the Cards led 14-12. After the kick off, Ray Kranich intercepted a pass and ran it back to the 40 yard marker. From there, Walker took it to pay dirt on a scintillating run, which saw almost everyone on the Eagle team have a shot at him. But they could not stop him. Three plays after the kick off, Walker intercepted a pass and ran it to the Eagle 30. On the next play he broke loose again to make the final score 26-12.

This year was the first time a SC team had use the “T” formation. The backfield was considered the fastest in the CCAL and the line the lightest.

The Cards were very conscientious in practice this year. With every practice resulting into a gay colorful affair with plenty of bruises and bloody noses.

To show how well the T formation worked for the Cards were the offensive numbers piled up in some games. In the first league game against Hollister, the Cards rolled up 243 yards on the ground and 73 in the air. Next game against Salinas 324 on the ground and 115 in the air.

On the night before the last league game of the year, the students backed the team with a bonfire rally. The game captains, Bill Walker and Ray Kranich were given the honor of lighting it.

Captain Wes Stanton and Bill Walker were chosen ALL CCAL


practice games: Santa Clara 2-21. This is the only game score reported in the Tridents available or pages were missing.

A lot of veterans from last years second place team came out and brought up expectations for the season. All but two did not make weight for league play.

Starting lineup: ends, Dick Adams and Wilfrod Pokriots; tackles, Don McCrae and captain Ray Bergen; guards, Bill Wilson and Ted Wittwer**, the track star; center Tony Anecito*; quarterback Nick Vomvolakis; halfbacks, Tex Palmer and Tom Neri; fullback Dale Swire. All the starters earned their letter last year, If there is a ** behind their name it means they have won two letters already and this is their third year on the team..


practice games: Half Moon Bay 22-36, San Jose 22-44, Campbell 35-26, Livermore 30-29, Lincoln of San Jose 35-33, Balboa of San Francisco 48-39, Santa Clara 34-27, Cambria 60-32, 48-21; Galileo of San Francisco 38-49, Fremont 28-29. Practice record 7-4. League scores: Watsonville 24-44, 26-31; Hollister 51-42, 33-26; Monterey 44-39, 30-34; Salinas 52-42, 26-24. League record 5-3 second. Season 12-7. League standings: Watsonville 7-1, Santa Cruz 5-3, Salinas 4-4, Monterey 4-4 and Hollister 0-8.

The asterisk system works for basketball as well. As one can see from the asterisk, this is a veteran team. Starting lineup: forwards, Don Dickson**, Ron Hindley**, high point man and Gene Adams; center and captain, Dick Garvey outstanding on defenses and on the back boards, second in scoring; guards, senior Terry McCambridge**, Bud Towner and junior Gene Pedemonte**. Substitutes “Speedy” Freddy Moro, Joe Kestner, Dick Dietz, Eddie Root, Lou Bertorelli and Leslie Mount.

Coming from behind the Cards beat Salinas 26-24 for their second league win. The Cards did not waste much time when they were in possession of the ball and penetrated the Salinas defense quickly and efficiently. The SC defense was hot keeping the Cowboys away from the bucket and taking the ball on clever pass interceptions. At the end of the third quarter the Cards were ahead 23-16 and held on to win 26-24. Bud Towner was high point man with 6 points.

Cards Drop Game Garvey Scores 12. In the 39-48 loss to Galileo, the referees called 28 fouls on SC and 16 on Galileo. The fouls hurt the Cards as Bud Towner, Gene Pedemonte and Don Dickson were ruled out in the last half (fouled out). The Cards outplayed Galileo on the floor and shot very much, but did not make a very high percentage of their shots. Scoring: Garvey 12, Dickson 6, Towner 4, Hindley 4, McCambridge and Pedemonte 3 each, Mount and Dietz 2 each, Moro 1, Root, Adams, Bertorelli and Kestner 0.

Last Period Rally Beats Hollister 51-42. Taking an early lead, Hollister held a 12-4 advantage at the end of the first quarter and 19-18 at half. At the end of the third, it was a 29-29 deadlock. In the last quarter SC out scored Hollister 22-13. Scoring: Garvey 14, McCambridge 14, Hindley 10, Pedemonte 8, Dickson 4, Stelling 3, Towner 1, Winterhalder and Adams 0.

Cards Spur Cowboys 52-42 Redbirds take second place in league, before 1300 excited, frenzied fans. The Cards played a bang up game with nearly everyone entering in the scoring. The Cards even picked up two points with help from Salinas. When the Cards were passing the ball around under the basket and a Salinas man tipped the pass and the ball glanced into the basket for a SC score. As no SC man made the basket, the goal is credited to the game captain who is Dick Garvey. So instead of only scoring 3 points he ended up with 5 instead. The tight game was broken wide open in the fourth quarter as SC made 17 points to Salinas’ 10. A total of 43 fouls were called in this hard fought game, 24 on Salinas and 18 on SC. Scoring: Hindley 12, Dickson 10, McCambridge 9, Pedemonte 7, Garvey 5, Mount 4, Berterelli and Kestner 2 each, Moro 1, Towner and Dietz 0.

Team scoring for the season: Hindley 157, Garvey 131, who left right after the season to go to Alaska; Terry McCambridge 89, Pedemonte 80, Towner 58, Berotelli 21, Mount 19, Moro 14, Adams 11, Dietz 7, Root 6 and Kestner 2. Kestner got his two points for the whole season in the last game of the season and in the last minute, when he picked off a rebound shot and put back up for a score. A roar went up in the stands.

The Cards scored 685 points for the season and their opponents 640.

Ron Hindley, who was high point man for the team and in the league made ALL CCAL. Captain Dick Garvey made second team ALL CCAL.


Scores for practice games: Half Moon Bay 17-12, San Jose lost by 3 points, Campbell 23-15, Livermore 35-14, Lincoln 18-23, Balboa 30-25, Cambria 34-13, 52-15; Fremont 25-35; Santa Clara 29-41; Galileo 35-34. Practice games 7-4. League: Watsonville 32-30, 7-21; Hollister 43-24, 36-21; Monterey 29-19, 44-35; Salinas 35-25, 31-36. League record 6-2. Season 13-6.
Salinas had to forfeit their last game to Monterey due to playing an ineligible player, so instead of having an identical 6-2 record with SC, they ended up with a 5-3 league record making SC league champs. League standings: Santa Cruz 6-2, Salinas 5-3, Watsonville 5-3, Monterey 3-5, Hollister 0-8.

After the league decision to have the Salinas lightweights forfeit the Monterey game giving Santa Cruz sole possession of first place in the league, Santa Cruz principal Lee Sims, spoke out and said. “Although the Cardlets won the championship on a technicality violating CCAL rules, it is a hollow victory for we lost squarely to Salinas Friday night. Nobody was to blame for this mistake as it was just an unfortunate, but costly clerical error.”

In their winning games, the Cardlets played like champs. Although they were comparatively small, they played and baffled much taller teams with their bursts of speed.

All of the starters earned letters last year. Starting lineup: center, Barry Middaugh was the highest (tallest) in the lightweight circuit, whenever he was on the court he would usually score. Forwards: Clark Arneal was cautious, but a good ball player and captain Don Lusby one of the fastest boys on the court, a dead eye on side shots and third in league scoring. Guards were two sophomores, Wilford Pokriots who started every game and Nick Vomvolakis who is following in the footsteps of his brother George. Nick was second string ALL CCAL. Substitutes: Bruce Gettys, Tom Neri, Roy Thuringer, Bunky Millsap, Fred Maroni. Don Waltrip, Chuck Reynolds and Paul Calindrino.

Paced by Barry Middaugh with a sensational 23 points, the Cardlets beat title contending Salinas 35-25. The Cardlets started fast and were ahead 8-2 at the end of the first quarter and 12-9 at half. In the third the Cardlets jumped to a 25-14 lead on the consistent scoring by Middaugh and Don Lusby. In the last quarter Salinas made a desperate effort to win, scoring 11 points. But is was of no avail as Middaugh kept SC ahead with 8 points of his own.

Pokriots Sinks Winning Bucket Against Wildcats, 32-30. With less than twenty seconds to go, the score tied 30-30, Wilford Pokriots dropped in the winning score against Watsonville, before a capacity crowd at the Civic Auditorium. The lead changed hands many times. At the end of the first quarter it was Santa Cruz 8-7. At half 19-18. Third quarter 24-23. Barry Middaugh sparked some magnificent plays and tallied 16 points for half the Cardlet total. Other scoring: Pokriots 6, Nick Vomvolakis 3, Don Lusby 6 and Arnel 1.

SC Lightweights Defeat Galileo From San Francisco 35-34. Middaugh sinks winning bucket, Lusby scores 18. With only a minute left to the game, Barry Middaugh dropped in a free throw for the last score for a 35-34 win. The game was close all the way with the score tied 16 all at half time. Don Lusby scored five field goals in the third period to help put the Cardlets up 28-27. In the last quarter, the fans saw Middaugh get hot to tie up the score and then win the game. Dan Lusby looked about the best he has all season with his speed and accurate eye. Wilford Pokriots and Nick Vomvolakis played their usual steady floor games. Lefty Waltrip scored one point and looked tip top in the game. Scoring: Lusby 18, Middaugh 12, Vomvolakis and Pokriots 2 each, Waltrip 1, Arneal, Gettys, Maroni and Calendrino 0.

Cowbabes Edge Cardlets 31-36. Cardlets Take League First. Playing way below par the Cardlets lost two men, Don Lusby and Nick Vomvolakis via the foul route. Trailing 8-7 at the end of the first quarter and 11-13 at the half and continued behind in the third 19-21. With less than two minutes left and the score tied 31-31, Salinas scored five points to tie for the championship, before they had to forfeit a game. The fouls were nearly even also with SC having 21 and Salinas 23. A total of 44, a lot of fouls. Scoring: Middaugh 13, Arneal 10, Pokriots 4, Vomvolakis 2, Lusby and Maroni 1each, Waltrip and Calendrino 0.

Forward, Don Lusby and center, Barry Middaugh were selected ALL CCAL.


In the City League the JV’s lost to the Lumbermen 22-32, Holy Cross varsity 33-24, 42-24; In City League the team has won two games and lost four.


Practice games: Holy Cross 7-3, 6-0; Los Gatos 3-1, Fremont 1-3, 8-7; Santa Clara 2-13, 0-3; Bellarmine 5-7, Campbell 4-2. Practice record 5-4. League: Hollister 10-4, 6-3; Monterey 4-6, 6-3; Watsonville 0-3, 1-2; Salinas 0-8, 0-1. League record 3-5. Season 8-9 the best record recently. Salinas champs with a 6-1 league record.

Listed by name in the batting order, then by position played and seasons batting averages: Daniel, RF, 209; senior, Fred Moro, SS, 217; Dickson, CF, 212; Ron Hindley, 1B, 282; senior Gene Pedemonte, LF, 147; captain and senior, Lou Bertorelli, 2B, 250; Sommers, 3B, 105; senior Dick Foerster, C, 159; senior Dick Dietz, P, 317; senior, Terry McCambridge, P, 212; Outfielders Lou Della Santina, 160; McIntyre, 266 and freshman Joe Aliberti 099.

Players with the most at bats: Dickson 42, Hindley 39, Sommers 38, Moro 37, Pedemonte 34, Foerster 32, Bertorelli 32, Della Santina 25, Daniels 24 and Dietz 23.

Lou Bertorelli was elected team captain, because of his outstanding sportsmanship and playing ability.

In the first league game of the year a 10-4 win against Hollister, Dick Dietz hit the first of two home runs hit by the Cards during the season and was the winning pitcher. Dick also ended the year with the best batting average on the team. With the score SC 5-4 going into the fifth inning, the Cards plated five more runs in the next two innings with six hits

On the tenth of May, the team traveled to play a double header with Campbell in the morning and Santa Clara under the lights at Washington Park. The Cards saw the ball better in the day winning 4-3, but had trouble under the lights losing 0-3.

Stocky Summers started the first inning hitting the only other homer of the year in a win over Monterey 6-3. Monterey came right back to tie the score. SC went back in the lead in the second and finished their scoring with four in the sixth.

In a 4-6 lose to Monterey, Dietz again pitched a good game striking out five batters, walking four and allowing 4 hits. Hindley when 2 for 3 at the plate. Pedemonte and Dietz got one hit apiece. The batting order: Sommers, Moro, Dickson, Hindley, Pedemonte, Daniel, Bertorelli, Foerster, Dietz.

Watsonville blanks Cards with no hitter. In the fastest game of the year lasting one hour and 15 minutes, Watsonville pitcher throws a no hitter in Wildcat win 3-0. Dick Dietz did a commendable job also hurling the whole game and giving up only five hits. Batting order: Daniel, Moro, Dickson, Hindley, Pedemone, Berorelli, Sommers, Foerster and Dietz.

Dick Dietz and Terry McCambridge carried the load pitching wise for the Cards. Dick had the most innings pitched with 49 and Terry was close behind with 40. They had excellent earned run averages. Terry led with a 1.10 average per 7 innings and Dick allowed a 1.90 ERA. Others who got in some innings were: Carneglia with 10, Patrick 7, Pedemonte and Aliberti with 2 each and Neri with one.

Six players graduate from this team: Dietz, Foerster, Pedemonte, Moro, McCambridge and Bertorelli.


Holy Cross varsity 6-0. Paul Patrick gave up only one hit in two innings. Vic Carniglia pitched three innings and got the win. Gene Pedemonte pitched the last two innings.

This year was a first for SC baseball in that a Junior Varsity team was started and played against other high school teams. Members were Ron Walters 1B, Bill McIntirye SS, Swire LF, Sutton C, Perrierra LF, Aliberti 3B, Bill Kirby CF, Cliff King CF, Patrick P, Vic Carniglia P.


Lots of rainy weather this Spring hampered the team greatly. The outstanding individuals would include Bob Bly, who reached a very good mark in the 440. Wayne Thorp took a lot of first places in the pole vault. Ted Wittwer in the mile. Ray Kranich in the sprints. Durmond Tucker did well in the 880.

Outstanding lightweights were Don Jordan in the sprints. Tony Anecito in the pole Vault. Dan Dakan a winner in the 660.

(Were not able to find the results of the CCAL meet or NCS, but have the names of individuals who qualified.)

Qualifiers for the CCAL meet: Ray Kranich, Don Dakan, Wayne Thorp, Bob Bly, Durmond Tucker, Marvin Rickard, Terry McCambridge, Howard Crampton, Ted Wittwer, Dave Jordan, Charles McLean and Bob Farrand.

Qualified for NCS: Wayne Thorp, Ted Wittmer, Marvin Rickard, Don Dakan and Dave Jordan. To qualify means a person had to take a first or second in the CCAL meet.


Did not find match results. Team listed in order of their playing position, number one player, etc. Number one, Don Duckering, Jack Payne, Don McPherson, Don Yee, Dave Stade and Dave Faley.

GOLF fourth place in league. Leo Amaya took third at the league finals. Freshman, Robert “Skeeter” Cunard was second best on the team. Others Jack Payne, Don Duckering, Stade, “Tex” Palmer.


One thousand students enrolled at SCHS this year.

This was a year when there was talk about the need for more activities for students to keep them occupied and entertained. The principal, student commission and superintendent of schools talked about creating a Student Union in the old shop buildings across from the gym. The school board must approve of the plan, even though students seem to be in favor.

New recreation department is being started by the city of Santa Cruz to give students activities and places to go after school hours. One step is using the high school gym two nights a week for boys to play basketball. A folk dancing program will also be started. By the beginning of next year a city recreation director will have been hired to work on many of the programs that should be added.

Coaches: Roger Baer varsity football and track and lightweight basketball. Franklin Lindeburg, varsity basketball and baseball and assistant football.


Practice games: St Elizabeth 6-0, Santa Clara 18-12 (last score by Stocky Sommers with 5 seconds left in the game for the win); Oakdale 7-13. Practice record: 2-1. League: Salinas 7-0, Hollister 19-7, lost to undefeated Monterey 13-41, Watsonville 0-13. League record 2-2, third. Season 4-3.

The Cards record this year bears out the old adage that “A good big man can beat a good little man.” This year, as last year, there was not enough weight to defeat the better big teams of the league. Despite this lack of weight the Cardinals finished with a 4-3 record.

Starting lineup: ends, Marvin Rickard, Ron Hindley and Cliff King; tackles, Mike Towne, Duane Johnson, Marvin Rickard and Ron Perrigo; guards, Bill Kirby, John Hamber and Wilford Pokriots up from lightweight to fill in for injuries; center, Jim Thomas; halfbacks captain, Gerald McCorkle, Gerard Kenly and Larry Warner; Fullbacks, Don Dickson and Dave Young; quarterback, Stocky Sommer. Others: Denis Welch, Bruce Williams, Gary Gittins, Don McKay, Bob Molering, Flay Rogers, Howard Wetzel, Robert Baker, Charles Roberts, Tom Neri, Frank Palmer, Dean Towne, Wallace Evans Clifford King, Carl LaMothe, Louis Wright, Fred Beans, Dale Bertch, Don Hope, Garvy, Dick Hagquist, Bob Mitchell, Doran Smith, John Fuller Jack Osorio and Al Boyle.

Cardinals Win First League Encounter Against Hollister 19-7. After starting the game by marching for two straight first downs, the Cards were forced to punt, which Hollister returned for 65 yards and their only touchdown. This score held through the first half. Nice runs by Don Dickson set up Stocky Sommers to take it in for six points making the score 6-7. In the third quarter, the Cards took the lead exploding through the line on plays by Dave Young and Dickson and a 20 yard run by Sommers. Dickson crossed over into the end zone and Sommers kicked the conversion. Late in the third quarter, tackle Duane Johnson intercepted a pass on the 15 yard line and galloped over for the last score, putting SC in front 19-7. The coach is still wondering what Mr, Johnson was doing in the backfield at the time, but it is our guess he was highly pleased. The Cards looked good on offense, but showed a need to improve on tackling and blocking. Co-captain, Dave Young played a tremendous game backing the line and carrying the ball. John Hamber, Bill Kirby, Duane Johnson, Will Pokriots, Marvin Rickard, Ron Perrigo and Jim Thomas played hard fought games in the line.

Cards Stop Salinas 7-0 for second straight league win. The Card TD came after a Cowboy fumble that was recovered by Marvin Rickard on the Salinas 30. After a play off tackle that netted 7 yards, Don Dickson went over on a 23 yard jaunt for the Cards only score. Dicksons’ kick for conversion was wide, but Salinas was off side. So on the next play he plunged through center for the point and ending the scoring for the game. Salinas reached the Cardinal 26, but Dave Young intercepted a pass to change the Cowboys ideas. Later in the quarter, the Cards tackling sharpened up and Duane Johnson nailed a Cowboy for a 14 yard loss. Another scare came at the end of the game as the Cowboys reached the 15 yard line on a long aerial. But they fumbled with 30 seconds left and the Cards ran the clock out.


selections were: bullet passing quarterback Stocky Sommer and rugged guard Bill Kirby out of a 14 man squad. They were chosen by both the sports writers and the coaches who picked separate teams.


Practice games: Holy Cross varsity 9-0, Santa Clara 0-6, Oakdale 0-7. Practice record: 1-2. Beat Hollister who had won 4 already, 19-6; Salinas 0-0, Watsonville 0-32, Monterey 14-19. Monterey came from behind in the last two minutes to score two touchdowns for the win. What a difference a win would do to the league record . Would have been 2-1-1 instead of the actual record for League 1-2-1 and season 2-4-1.

Starting lineup; ends, Joe Neri and Bruce Gettys; tackles, Bill Underwood, Harvey Levine and Howard Crampton; guards, Ted Wittwer and Bill Wilson; centers, captain, Tony Anecito and Fred Wagner; quarterbacks, Jack Bueb and Paul Calendrino; wingbacks, Leroy Huggins and Bill Fairhurst; tailbacks, Don Waltrip and Pete Hendrickson; fullbacks, Dale Swire and Terry Erickson. Others: Bill Fairhurst, Bruce Gettys, Leroy Huggins, Richard Stefan, Paul Sandas, Malcolm Campbell, Lloyd Daniels, T. Malone, A. Welch, Marty Norman, Don Metcalf, Derril Millslagle, Richard Stefani, Wayne Bruce, Bob Schofield, Wes Martin, Bob Farrand, Bob Russell, Glenn Tickne, Dick Menefee, Dick Sutton, Sam Zanze, John Anthony, Dauin Waters, Charles McLean, George Anderson, Arnold Carpenter and Charles McDonald.

Cardlets Tie Salinas 0-0. In a exciting game that highlighted by long runs and hard drives, which failed to produce any scoring. The single wing meshed smoothly throughout, but was held scoreless, because of two costly fumbles and a last ditch stand by the Cowbabes. After receiving a Hendricksen kick the Cowbabes moved relentlessly down to the five, where the Cardlets dug in and held them on downs, On the second play after stopping the drive at the 5, fullback Dale Swire spun loose down the left sideline 90 yards to the Salinas 5. After a few plays a fumble turned the ball over. In the third quarter the defense holds again on the 10 yard line. A few plays got the ball out to the 19 from where Hendrickson ripped around end for 61 yards to the 20. Penalties wrecked the Cardlets chances. The Cardlets played hard all the way

Cardlets Win First CCAL Game in two years with 19-6 win over Hollister. The through. It is the best start of the league season in a while. Cardlets literally ran the Haybalers off the field with exceptionally good line play. Some instances found the entire Hollister forward wall pushed into their own backfield. After six plays in the game, the Cardlests started on their own 35 yard line and drove to the Hollister 35 from where Leroy Huggins sliced of right tackle for 35 yards on a wing back reverse registering the first of three Cardlet touchdowns. In the second period, Lefty Waltrip flashed around left end for 22 yards and the second score. Hendrickson’s pass to Swire for the extra point was good making the score 13-0. Hollister surprised the Cardlets with a guard around play for a 35 yard scoring play. Half time score 13-6. The Cardlets put the game on ice in the third period, when Pete Hendrickson pounding on the ground and throwing passes for a combined 48 yards to score the final touchdown making the final score 19-6. The Cardlets run up 218 yards to Hollister’s 106. The single wing formation functioned well through the contest by keeping possession of the ball most of the time.

Cardlet guard, Ted Wittwer received ALL CCAL honors on a 14 man squad.


Boulder Creek varsity 19-18, 18-6; Holy Cross varsity 6-6, Watsonville a loss, Salinas 12-12, Monterey 13-16. Season record 2-2-2.

SC and Salinas played to a 12-12 tie on Saturday at Memorial Field. Salinas scored first in the second quarter. Santa Cruz did not hit pay dirt until the third quarter, when two touchdowns were scored. Neri went off guard for a 40 TD and Jack Osorio went over from the one yard line on a quarterback sneak.

The Cards had a 13 point lead on Monterey only to lose 13-16. In the second quarter after marching up the field to the goal line, Jack Osorio scored on a quarter back sneak. Pete Hendrickson converted. Shortly after Osorio passed to Dean Towne to set the stage for Bob Bly’s scoring run. Two blocked kicks helped set up the Monterey scores.

The team will participate in a football jamboree at Salinas to round off this years football season.

The JV team members are included in the varsity roster above.


Practice games: Holy Cross 39-19, San Jose 21-36, Los Gatos 24-11, San Jose Frosh 23-57 (does not count on record), Santa Clara won, won; Fremont won, Bellarmine 40-38, Pacific Grove a loss and 20-43; Boulder Creek 61-31, San Jose Tech 35-23, 37-41. Practice record: 8-4. League: Salinas 41-43 OT, 34-28; Hollister 61-19, 33-30; Watsonville 39-38, 31-33 OT; Monterey 27-29, 39-43. A win in the two close overtime losses would have move the Cards up to second place, one win less than league winners Monterey 7-1 record. League 4-4, third. season 12-8.

Monterey the A league winner lost 15-12 to the B league winner Pacific Grove, who also beat SC twice. The playoff game was played to see who would represent the league at the TOC (Tournament Of Champions at Cal Berkeley). At the TOC, Pacific Grove won one and lost two. The first loss at TOC was to Lowell of SF, who had Ken Flower, who was hailed as the greatest prep star in City history. PG led 23-19 at half by deadly shooting from outside Lowell’s zone defense. In the third quarter Flower went to work.

Starting lineup: Ronald Hindley a three year veteran was named ALL CCAL for the second year. His move from forward last year to center, did not hinder his scoring. Ronald was high point man again this season scoring 184 points for an average of 9 a game.

Forward, Don Dickson a three year letterman and first stringer last year is an important player on the backboards. Ron was second on the team in scoring. The other forwards were high scoring Clark Arneal and senior Jack Rowley complemented Dickson in rebounding.

At the guard spots were Clark Arneal and two juniors, Wilford Pokriots up from the lightweight squad to fill the ball handling position and Duane Johnson from the Junior Varsity to do defensive work.

Subs: Dwain Fullerton, Dave Young, Bill McIntyre, Bill Kirby, Dale Swire, Ron Walters, Frank Brumblay, Cliff King and Bunky Millsap.

ALL CCAL selections were Ron Hindley and Don Dickson


practice scores: Holy Cross 24-23, Los Gatos 16-28, San Jose 16-40, Boulder Creek 43-10, Santa Clara loss, loss; Fremont 25-26, San Jose Tech 36-51, loss; Bellarmine 26-40 and Pacific Grove 20-34, loss. Practice record: 2-10. League: Salinas 14-33, Loss; Hollister 38-32, 43-26; Monterey 24-41, 34-28; Watsonville 26-39, Loss. League record 3-5. Season 5-15.

After a slow start the team was much improved in February. In the last game of the season against Monterey, who they had lost to earlier by 19 points, the Cardlets for the first time this season looked like defending champions, by winning 34-28.

Starters: junior center, Bruce Gettys; guards, sophomore Paul Patrick and Nick Vomvolakis the only first stringer back from last year; forwards, co-captain and ALL CCAL selection, Fred Maroni and Chuck Reynolds. Others: Paul Calandrino, Don Waltrip, Perona, Mazzei, Norman, Adams, Dennis Welch, Ledgerwood, Menefee, Viviani and Carpenter.

Fred Maroni was selected for the ALL CCAL team.


proved itself to be one of the best of its kind to come out of SCHS in a long while. They ended the season sweeping nine of their last eleven tussles and the last six straight.

Team members: Bill Kirby (who moved up to varsity toward the end of the season), Gene Pacini, Bob Kenyon, Bob Lindstedt, Walt Pokriots, Bill Nunes, Don Noren, Blasich, Baker, Wetmore, Morrison and Frank.

A fourth basketball team was started this year. It is a freshman team, which played the junior highs, Monterey frosh, Cardlet reserves, Del Mar, Boys Club and other local teams.

Members are Richard Breckon, Bob Keitz, Marcy Montoya, Al Peirona, Peter Van Houten, Mel Bowen, Dudley Walker, Harry Standel and Earl Beck.

All the teams had problems in the middle of the season with measles decimating the squads with up to 5 players at a time being out. It was good that there were adequate replacements ready to step in and fill the gaps.


Practice games: Los Gatos 3-5, Campbell 15-11, Lincoln 10-17, 2-4; Gilroy 4-0, 4-4 tie . Half Moon Bay 14-1, Carmel 0-12, Santa Clara 2-3, 13-15; Washington of Fremont 2-11, 14-3; Bellarmine 5-7. Practice record: 4-8-1. League: Hollister 13-5, 5-1; Watsonville 1-4, 4-6; Monterey 2-3, 7-6; Salinas 4-12, 7-0. League 4-4. Season 8-12-1. Salinas champions.

Joe Aliberti Paces Card Nine; Ball Team Hard Hit by Injuries. After twelve games the Cards have proved they are capable of hitting the ball as they have a .261 team batting average. Joe Aliberti leads the hitters with a .378 batting average, while being a player of many positions. Aliberti, the spark plug of the team is playing on a gimpy leg. Many other minor injuries annoy the horsehiders.

Cards Down Hollister 5-1. Paul Patrick worked the first five innings allowing two hits, one run and struck out six. Vic Carniglia then took over for the next two innings allowing two hits and whiffing two batters. The Cards first tally came in the second inning, when Bill Kirby drew a base on balls and was sacrificed along by McIntire. A well placed bunt by Harold Ward squeezed in Kirby. In the fifth it was the squeeze play that provided the winning margin. Ward led off the inning with a triple and was squeezed home by Patrick. The Cards tallied three runs in the sixth on a home run, which was a powerful smash into the running track surrounding the outfield by Gerald McCorkle. A double by Kirby and a pair of singles by Aliberti and Ward finished the scoring. Batting order: Sommer 3B, Walters 1B, McCorkle CF, Aliberti RF, Kirby LF, Hager SS, McIntire SS, Ward 2B, Sutton C, Patrick P and Carniglia P. McCorkle and Ward had two hits. Walters, Aliberti and Kirby had hits for a total of seven.

Highlights of the season both came against Gilroy in a 4-0 win. A no hitter by pitchers Paul Patrick, Joe Aliberti and Frank Brumblay. In support of that pitching effort Stock Sommers hit consecutive home runs. His only homers all year in one game.
Batting order: Sommer 3B, Ward 2B, Hindley CF, Aliberti SS, P; Dickson RF, Della Santina LF, Walters 1B, Sutton C, Patrick P. Replacements: Hayes RF, Bowen 2B, Van Houten 3B, Welch CF, Kirby LF, Boehme 1B, Hager SS, Brumblay P and Clair pinch hitter.

After losing their first game to Salinas 4-12, Frank Brumblay threw a one hitter against the league champs in a 7-0 end of the season win.

In a 4-1 loss to Watsonville, Paul Patrick gave up only one scratch hit, but due to errors took the loss.

In a practice game against Washington, winner of the PAL league, Bill McIntire threw a no hitter in the 4 innings that he pitched. Those innings were the only pitching he did for the year on varsity.

In a 3-2 loss to Monterey in the last inning, Joe Aliberti threw a 4 hitter. The locals played the best brand of ball that they have played this season. In the first inning Monterey scored a run on a walk and a double. The Cards rallied in the second, tying it up on a single by Bill McIntire, who stole second and scored on Wards single to right. Both teams scored in the fourth to tie the game up until the seventh inning. Monterey started off the seventh with a single and then the next batter hit into a double play that went from Sommers to Ward to Walters. It looked like extra innings coming up, but a walk and a screaming double ended the game. A very disputed play came up in the sixth inning, when Aliberti came home on a pass ball that went to a distant backstop. To quote a player, “a blind man could have saw he was safe”. But that was not the way the Monterey umpire saw it.

Second baseman, Harold Ward was unanimously elected team captain for his constant hustle and outstanding defense. Harold was also the team leader in stolen bases.

Joe Aliberti, who can play any position, but catcher was probably the MVP of the squad. Joe led the regulars in hitting with a .323 average, runs 16, doubles 7 and total bases 32, as well as playing superb defense. Joe pulled a shoulder muscle and was unable to pitch after his 4 hitter against Monterey. Joe had very good control walking only one and fanning 16 in fifteen innings.

Bill Kirby played for the JV team until later in the season, when he showed he was capable of hitting varsity pitching, by hitting .347.

Dale Swire was the only other regular to hit over 300, while catching and playing the outfield.
Listed by name position and batting average. Players with 50 or more at bats: Joe Aliberti SS, OF, 323; Harold Ward 2B, 236; Gerald McCorkle OF, 231; Ron Walters 1B, 235; Stocky Sommer 3B, 197. Those in the 30’s at bats: Ron Hindley OF, 1B, 229; Bill McIntire SS, 222; Dick Sutton C, 129. Twenty’s at bats: Bill Kirby OF, 347; Dale Swire C. OF, 304; freshman, Hager SS, 261; Don Dickson OF, 182. Teens: Daniel OF, 167; Louis Della Santana OF, 167; Vince Carniglia P, 147; Frank Brumblay P, 000; Hays OF, 571 and Welch OF, 143

Pitching was the strong point of the team. Most teams do not have 4 capable men on the mound. Pitchers with 15 or more innings pitched. Listed by name, games pitched, innings pitched, won and loss (W or L), strike outs, walks and earned run average.
Patrick 13 47 2 3 55 29 2.76
Carniglia 12 36 3 4 34 23 2.23
Brumblay 12 30 1 3 21 23 4.47
Aliberti 5 15 2 1 16 3 1.50
Hindley 2 2 1


at CCAL meet, varsity seventh and lightweights sixth.
After the main CCAL meet a consolation meet with the none scorers participating was held. SC took first place for the first victory in any meet this year.

At the Big Five meet, Watsonville 91, Salinas 58, Monterey 31 and Santa Cruz 25.
Ted Wittwer place first in the mile, bettering his record again this week with a time of 4:49.4. Bob Bly nabbed his fourth straight 440 victory with a :52.9 performance. Charles McLean took third in the 880. The good Cardinal 880 relay team was disqualified for running in the wrong lane.

Lightweight Big Five Meet. Salinas 47, Monterey 43, Hollister 22, Watsonville 21 and Santa Cruz 4. Fred Migues nabbed the pole vault with an excellent 10’ 6” jump.

At the CCAL championship meet varsity placers were: second place finishers were Bob Bly in 440 and Ted Wittwer in mile. McLean took fifth in the 880 and SC took fourth in the 880 relay.

Lightweight placers: Adams placed second in the pole vault. Menefee took third in the 120 high hurdles and fourth in the 220 low hurdles. Migues took fourth in the pole vault. Neil Gittens fifth in high jump. The 880 relay team took fifth place.

NCS at Cal Berkeley the varsity had two entrants Bob Bly 440 and Ted Wittwer in mile. Bly who’s best time of :51.2 is better then the best San Francisco runner, but .8 seconds off the meet record is expected to at least be in the top three. On the basis of previous times, his chief rival will be Rogers of Watsonville. Wittwer had to go against four runners from The City of the Golden Gate, who have bettered his best time. He did well against them as he ended up third at the State meet in LA against the very best.

The results of the NCS meet was not available.

Lightweight NCS entrants Dick Menefee high and low hurdles; Art Adams and Fred Migues pole vault and Neil Gittens high jump.

At the STATE meet at the Los Angeles Coliseum Ted Wittwer, the only participant from SCHS, placed third in the mile against the best in the state. Very high honors.

Other varsity scorers: Gerard Kenly, Charles McLean, Marv Rickard, Ken Frisbie, Don Dakan, Don Waltrip, Russell, Ron Perrigo, Pete Hendrickson, Dave Young, Howard Crampton, Towne, Hope, Millslagle, Reynolds, Root, Anders, Adams

Other lightweights: Kilpatrick, Burns, Norman, Bragden, Reynolds and Brown.


went 1-7 in league. Players are listed in the order of their matches, the best player first. Don McPherson (who only lost one league match), Don Yee, Dale Bertsch, Richard Breckon and Bob Kurtz. Other members: Faley, Zamze, Brown, Payne and Dettle. All members of the team will be back next year.


third place. Top man is junior, Gene Paccine who is a basketball player of some renown. Several times he has scored in the 70’s at Pasatiempo, a fairly tough course. The player with the most potential is smooth swinging, sophomore, Skeeter” Cunard. Frosh, Mel Amaya will be very good by his senior year. Junior, Clark Arneal in his first year shot consistently in the 90’s. Fred Wagner another sophomore, shot in the high 80’s


Don Dickson was a three sport letterman. Don won ALL CCAL laurels for his superb basketball playing. He was varsity fullback for two years as a hard driver through the line as well as streaking around end. Don received second string ALL CCAL honors on the gridiron. Don patrolled the outfield for two years on the Card nine. He was forced from the lineup midway through the season by a recurrence of a water on the knee injury. Don’s biggest thrill was scoring all the runs a 7-0 win over Salinas. A three sport man.

Stocky Sommers won honors as an ALL CCAL quarterback after playing three years of football. One as a lightweight and two on varsity. On the baseball squad, he held down the hot corner for two seasons. As a freshman he lettered in golf. Although very light for varsity, Stocky mastermind the Cards to a successful season. He also was a force in the defensive backfield. The University of Arizona is his next probable stop.

Ron Hindley is known as Santa Cruz’s all-around athlete. A three year letterman in basketball, Ron was picked unanimously as an ALL CCAL performer for two seasons. In his junior season he led the league in scoring. This year he was third in scoring and was named team captain . Ron was a glue fingered end on the varsity for two years, headed for all league honors until receiving a back injury in the third game of the year. In baseball Ron played first base, outfield and pitched. He led the team in batting his junior year. Trouble seemed to derail Ron his senior year as midway in the second sport, he lost time with a throat infection. For what should have been a stellar year was not what it should have been for Ron. Much success to Ron as he continues his career at San Jose State.

Ron Perrigo, although light for a varsity lineman played first string tackle was known for his spirit and hard play. A big moment this year for Ron was when his fellow tackle, after making an interception, lateraled the ball to him and Ron ran the ball down to the 8 yard line. Ron ran the century for the cinder men and occasionally tried his hand at the hurdles. Ron is an excellent boxer and probably will be heard from in the near future as he plans to go out for the nationally ranked San Jose State boxing team.

Ted Wittwer took third place in the mile at the NCS meet. Which qualifies him for the State meet at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Ted has earned this honor for two years. At the STATE meet against the best runners in California Ted took third place. A very big accomplishment. Ted also ran the anchor leg for distance medley relay team. Ted’s other big sport was as first string guard on the lightweights for two years. This year he was honored as an ALL CCAL guard.

Dale Swire was the lightweight first string fullback for two years receiving second team ALL CCAL honors this year. Dale claims his biggest moment came when he ran 91 yards against Salinas, but did not score. Dale was the catcher and outfielder with a 300 batting average for the local nine.

Cliff King started playing football as a third string lightweight and in his final year emerged as a second string varsity player, a notable achievement. Cliff scored on a pass play, which was the only one registered against the “Magnificent” first team of Monterey. Cliff was also on the basketball and baseball teams.

Frank Brumbley played junior varsity basketball in his sophomore and junior years. Frank proved to be a valuable player on the ‘49 varsity court team. Frank pitched and played the outfield for three years. This year he was the main relief pitcher for the horse hiders, playing in more games than any other pitcher.

Harold Ward played junior varsity up until his last year, when through his constant practice and hustle, he patrolled the keystone area like a tiger for the varsity and was always a threat at the plate. For all his efforts he was chosen as team captain.

Joe Aliberti has been on the varsity baseball squad since his freshman year. Joe can play any position on the baseball field, but catcher was probably the MVP of the squad and he did it with exceptional ease. Joe led the regulars in hitting with a .323 average, runs 16, doubles 7 and total bases 32, as well as playing superb defense. Joe pulled a shoulder muscle and was unable to pitch after his 4 hitter against Monterey. Joe had very good control walking only one and fanning 16 in fifteen innings. Joe was also a promising football player until an injury kept him out of action.

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